Bringing Feng Shui into Your Home

Feng Shui can help you be more productive.
Feng Shui can help you be more productive. Photo credit: Oleg March

Why should you bring Feng Shui into your home? Feng Shui teaches that energy needs to circulate and flow easily in order to create balance and harmony in an environment. This enables people to think clearly, improve their mood and stay focused. When people are confused, overwhelmed or incapable of moving ahead, it might mean that there is too much clutter in their space, affecting the flow of energy.

“Feng Shui is a blend of east and west alchemy that can help develop and sharpen your sense of awareness on all levels, physical, emotional, spiritual and universal,” says Laura Cerrano, a certified Feng Shui expert who will share her knowledge with East Enders at a workshop at the Hampton Bays Library on April 9.

By organizing a space effectively, people can inject balance and harmony into living and work areas. Hamptonites are busy people who seek to balance work with play. Organizing a work space according to the principles of Feng Shui can help to most effectively maximize work time. When at your desk, it is important to discard items that no longer serve a need. Items displayed should be easily accessible, neatly placed and critical for everyday use. Miscellaneous items such as business cards, small note pads, paper clips, pens and pencils can overrun a desk. Containers may offer a solution to simplify and organize a workspace. The Ethan Allen Design Studio in Water Mill carries handsome crocodile embossed leather boxes. Each box is adorned with a smart clutch-style clasp in polished nickel. Flip back the top to reveal plush velvet-lined compartments inside. Whether in turquoise or black leather, these boxes are ideal for storage and organization as well as being stylish and decorative pieces for
any tabletop.

Closets, drawers and cabinets are notorious hiding places for outdated and forgotten objects. Even though unseen, they still create clutter in our space. To help consolidate and organize your wardrobe, check out Hildreth’s Home Goods or English Country Antiques for a number of home design solutions.

Fixtures in the home, like windows, sinks, refrigerators and ovens, if not cleaned or or in good repair, can also contribute to clutter.

Eliminating excess furniture expands the natural path of energy moving throughout a room and into the next. Garages and attics attract pieces of unwanted furniture. Moving the undesired items into these spaces does not eliminate the clutter, it only relocates it.

The spatial arrangement of furniture also effects our well being. For example, in the work area, the position of the desk is important. An ideal positioning (see photo above) locates the desk back into the room to allow as wide a view as possible of the surroundings and command of the entrance. This position gives the ability for anyone seated at the desk to see people entering the room. In addition, a solid wall behind the desk provides a sense of safety while one is working.

Take the time to be aware of and organize your environment. It impacts how we feel where we live and work.

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