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As we just pointed out in our Dan’s Best of the Best Daily blog, local roads are changing with the season. For those who haven’t already noticed—the closer summer gets, the worse our traffic gets. And with traffic come car accidents—we don’t plan to crash or even ding the bumper ahead of us, but sometimes these things can’t be avoided, and our chances increase exponentially between now and Labor Day.

We hate to imagine damaging our beloved automobiles, but it never hurts to plan for such an eventuality. No one needs further pain or struggle after a car wreck, so it’s important to find an honest and skilled repairman. An who better than the East End’s best? Dan’s Best of the Best has the South Fork’s favorite auto body shops in our list of 2014 winners. Get to know them and be confident following your next road mishap.

Check out the 2014 Dan’s Best of the Best South Fork auto body repair shop winners below.

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Randall’s Auto Body

277 David White’s Lane, Southampton

Suburban Auto Body

297 County Road 39, Southampton

Joe’s Garage

1426 North Sea Road, Southampton

Corwith’s Auto Body

40 Willow Road, Water Mill

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