Top 5 Most Satisfying Revenge Moments

The top 5 most satisfying Revenge moments
The top 5 most satisfying Revenge moments, Photos: ABC

As Revenge careens toward its season—and possibly series—finale, we decided to look back on some of our favorite moments from the show. Here are five of the most satisfying scenes in Revenge history.

Conrad kills Pascal via helicopter blade. This moment in Season 3, Episode 20—appropriately called “Revolution”— stunned us purely for its gruesome, graphic nature. We knew as soon as Conrad and Pascal went up to the roof that something was going to happen, but rather than one of the men going flying off the roof, the show went for a much darker, messier twist. Victoria rushing over and getting Pascal’s blood all over her off-white dress made it all the more disturbing.

Fauxmanda returns to the Hamptons…pregnant. This twist in Season 2 surprised us for several reasons—we knew we’d see Fauxmanda again, but her mysterious and ominous exit earlier in Season 1 (hitchhiking into Takeda’s clutches) left her fate in doubt. When she showed up at the bar just as Emily was about to profess her love to Jack, with the largest pregnant belly ever seen on television, the soapy moment was incredibly satisfying from a dramatic standpoint, but frustrating from a Jack/Emily fan perspective.

Conrad confesses to everything on national television. Henry Czerny was one of our favorite performers last season, giving Conrad a disaffected and unpredictable air. The actor’s finest scene, though, was dead serious. In Season 3, Episode 21 “Impetus,” after taking one too many insults from his favorite child, Charlotte, he reminded her that she wasn’t biologically his, that he wouldn’t hesitate to erase her as a threat, and proceeded to confess to every single crime he’s committed in the past 20 years. Watching this seemingly unstoppable man go from triumphant to absolutely floored upon realizing that the entire diatribe was broadcast to the world was priceless.

Daniel dies a hero in Emily’s arms. After 10 episodes of watching Daniel reclaim his lost soul—falling in love with Margaux, accepting his impending fatherhood, distancing himself from the rest of the Graysons, even making a strange peace with Emily—he rushed into the mansion and was shot saving Emily from psycho Kate (Season 4, Episode 10 “Atonement”). As Emily tearfully admitted that her feelings for him were real, our hearts melted. A great ending for a character that had come full circle.

“She’s Amanda Clarke! She’s Amanda Clarke!” After Victoria murdered Aiden in cold blood in Season 3, Episode 22 “Execution,” Emily was looking for retribution. The final scene of Season 3 saw Emily having a dazed and confused Victoria committed to a high-security mental institution. As Emily exited, a hysterical Victoria started screaming “She’s Amanda Clarke!” over and over as she was held down and sedated. It was a devastating ending for a character who had started the season horseback riding blissfully with her loving son, but watching Emily finally get the upper hand was worth the wait.

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