Weekly Hamptons Revenge Recap – Season 4, Episode 20: “Burn”

Victoria reads Dan's till the end...
Victoria reads Dan's till the end... Photo: ABC

Revenge touts a “mind-blowing” twist this week. What more could possibly happen in the faux Hamptons? Was Episode 20 truly mind-blowing? Read on and find out.

And now, Revenge, Season 4, Episode 20: “Burn.”

Victoria laments to Margaux that she’s being eviscerated in the press. Margaux assures Victoria she’s going to help her, but flips out when Louise comes in. After reminding Louise about that one time she locked her in a steam room, Lou and Margaux start fighting…until Victoria says she needs both of them.

Emily—or, should we say, Amanda—finds Jack at the cemetery. He has had Fauxmanda’s gravestone renamed “Emily Thorne.” Amanda and Jack reminisce (no flashbacks, thank God) and Jack mentions that he’s having baby Carl’s birth certificate updated to reflect his mom’s real identity. Emily says that she thinks Victoria may be following her.

Nolan is sponsoring a charity event for social worker Tony. They’re at a fabulous fashion show. Nolan wants to buy Tony a hot new suit, but Tony doesn’t want gifts. “If you want to raise money in the Hamptons, you have to dress the part!” Nolan exclaims.

Back in NYC, Victoria and Louise exit into the parking garage. Victoria is spooked—why hasn’t the valet brought the car around? She sends Louise to check on the car, and looks around. All of a sudden, a hooded black figure—a woman, from the looks of it—rushes behind Victoria and slams her against the wall and onto the floor. The assailant frantically searches Vic’s purse, then kicks her in the stomach as Louise and the valet return! Louise hurries to Victoria’s side. “Did you see his face?” Louise asks as Victoria catches her breath. “It was…Emily,” Victoria whispers. Really, Vic? After everything you gals have been through you think Emily’s going to literally kick you while you’re down?

Later, a doctor checks Victoria out and tells her to take it easy. Louise is surprised when Victoria doesn’t tell the doc what happened, but Victoria is surprisingly resigned, noting that she can’t be sure it was Ems. Victoria explains that Emily always takes everything away from her and she can’t deal with it anymore, and the attacker didn’t take the jump drive.

Back in the Hamptons, Nolan and Emily talk about the jump drive. Emily is still sore about Nolan putting them in this terrible position, but he asks for her forgiveness. The two make an uneasy peace.

Stevie shows up at David’s house and notes that he was supposed to help her change the baby’s birth certificate and “prove” Amanda’s identity. David is tired of Stevie’s judgments and she is tired of his attitude. They should just make out.

Louise heads to Margaux’s office—did she relocate to NYC?—to talk things over, but Margaux wants her out. Margaux is alarmed to hear about what happened to Victoria in the parking garage and heads to see her.

Emily is surprised when Ben comes to see her. She’s just returned from a swim on the beach…to the lighthouse. Yes, the Montauk Lighthouse. Ben is surprised, because the Montauk Lighthouse is far away—THREE MILES away. That tidbit aside, Emily asks Ben to chat later because Nolan is calling. Ems picks up and Nolan tells her that Margaux called the Feds and they’re on the way to talk to Victoria.

Hamptons Authenticity Alert: I just…I can’t. Three miles. THREE MILES? Try more than 30, folks. It takes an hour to drive from Southampton to Montauk Point. Just saying.

Revenge Swim to Montauk
Emily’s swim to Montauk, Graphic: Google Maps

David meets Stevie at the Southampton Beach Club and apologizes. The two make amends, and David admits the reason he has been cold lately: After he hurt himself on the boat a few episodes ago, he went to the ER and they did a routine blood test…that revealed he has lymphoma. He has a good prognosis, but he starts chemo later today. Stevie feels for him.

The Federal agent comes to interview Victoria and Margaux. Victoria is out of sorts, whether it’s because of the attack, or because the poor woman has finally cracked. She gives the fed the jump drive, but the fire alarm goes off. Victoria panics and Margaux says it’s Emily’s doing. They take the fire exit and reach the lobby before the fed realizes that the jump drive is gone. Elsewhere, a firefighter who passed them on the stairs unmasks as Emily. Surprise! She has the jump drive, once again nullifying a threat before it ever really takes shape.

Emily visits David at the beach house. She announces that the “war” is over. David’s happy for her. He doesn’t tell her about the cancer.

Nolan and Tony schmooze at the charity party and Nolan meets Tony’s boss, who is a little skeptical of Nolan’s philanthropy. Things are going well until Louise pops up suddenly, spilling her drink on poor Tony’s new suit and mentioning that his suit cost more than the donation she made. Nolan pulls her aside and the two fight. Nolan calls Louise out for turning on Team Revenge, then tells her he knows she is trying to record him confessing to stealing the jump drive, so he reset her phone to factory settings. He walks out and Louise is shocked she didn’t win. Really, girl?

Revenge Season 4 Episode 20 Burn Meme
Photo: ABC

Victoria and Margaux wait on the side of the road outside the city. A mysterious van pulls up and a hunky young bodyguard gets out, telling Victoria the thing she ordered is in the back. When he opens the door, Victoria’s famous “throne” is waiting for her! Let me guess: She’s been going all Madame Defarge, writing the war on the chair.

Nolan confides in Jack that Louise’s stunt cost him Tony. Jack announces that he’s leaving the Hamptons to live with Stevie in California. Nolan implores him to try to get Emily to come around one last time, but Jack is done. “I’m asking you as a friend. Don’t ever tell me she loves me again,” he says. Meanwhile, at the beach house, Stevie drops by to check on David. He admits that he couldn’t tell Emily. She tells him that she knows of a good oncologist he should see, and then wishes him luck.

Nolan rushes to Emily at the manor and tells her Jack is leaving. She doesn’t want to hear him tell her to get with Jack. “I don’t deserve him!” Emily cries. “But you deserve me?” Ben asks suddenly as he enters. He tells it like it is: She doesn’t want to face reality. He leaves. Emily calls Jack, but he ignores it as he gets on the plane.

Nolan is surprised when Tony shows up. He’s not angry. After Tony tells Nolan he thinks he’s a good man, Nolan is overwhelmed by Tony’s compassion and kindness. They kiss.

In NYC, Louise and Margaux call a truce. Margaux thinks something is very wrong with Victoria. That’s an understatement. Victoria, clad in a beautiful red dress, has returned the throne to the mansion. She turns the gas on.

Emily, meanwhile, rushes to the airport, but the plane takes off. Out of nowhere, a car drives up and Mason Treadwell gets out! He gloats—he’s angry that Emily went on television and told her story, ruining his tell-all book about her. It begins a very Treadwell-esque monologue.

As he speaks, we see all the characters in various states of unhappiness. “You didn’t realize that while you hid behind your ‘mission,’ everyone else around you evolved. Did you really think they’d wait forever? Sacrificing everything and getting nothing? Did you honestly believe you’d get your happily ever after? You ruined so many lives, so many different people, till all you had left were enemies. Like the little pyromaniac that you are, you started a fire and convinced yourself you could contain it. I know your dirty little secret. You can’t exist without revenge. This endless cycle of hate is your addiction. And like all tales of compulsion, this will end the same way. First, you’ll crash. And then…you’ll burn.”

In the most subtle move in the history of television, Victoria sits on her throne, sips some wine, flips open a lighter…and Grayson Manor explodes.

Revenge Season 4 Episode 20 Burn Grayson Manor
Photo: ABC screengrab

Closing Thoughts: A Season 5 is looking more and more unlikely, and this episode really felt like the beginning of the end. I doubt Victoria is really dead—although the mansion explosion was something out of a Marvel movie. Still, this was a powerful episode.

Performer of the week: Carl

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