Weekly Hamptons Revenge Recap – Season 4, Episode 22: “Plea”

Revenge Season 4 Epidsode 22 Plea Emily gets her Rainbows on
Even in jail, Emily Brite gets her Rainbows on... Photo: ABC

Emily’s under arrest, Nolan’s alone again, David has cancer and Jack’s clothed. Only two episodes remain. Will anyone have a happy ending?

And now, Revenge, Season 4, Episode 22: “Plea”…

Emily’s lawyer (played by her Everwood dad Tom Amandes) goes over the rapidly mounting evidence against her, including the suicide note. He thinks she should take a plea, but she refuses.

David, Nolan and Jack push through the press in the courtroom. Nolan locates Mason Treadwell, but David and Jack tell him not to get Emily into any more trouble and to let Treadwell be. The hearing begins. Emily does the walk of shame in front of the court and sits next to her lawyer.

At LeMarchal, Margaux tells her assistant (she has a new one every week) to put “alleged killer” in front of Emily in every mention and to add that note to the house style guide. Louise shows up to talk about the funeral—she tells Margaux that the executor of the will has ordered Victoria’s penthouse shut. The executor? Charlotte. (OK, so she’s not coming back as a man. April Fools!) Margaux assures Louise she’ll get in touch with Charlotte. Why are these two friends again? I get putting their differences behind them, but locking someone in a steam room is pretty extreme, even if Louise was drugged at the time.

The lawyers shout over each other about denying Emily bail. Judge Moss shuts them up and grants Emily bail at $2 million. Ben takes her back to the beach house and puts a house arrest alarm on her ankle. Ems is pissed off when Ben tells her he volunteered to monitor the alarm because he doesn’t want her to make a bad decision. “We’ve come a long way in a few weeks, huh?” Emily sighs.

Later, Jack and Nolan drop by to talk. Emily is so grateful Jack has been taking David to chemotherapy. Nolan is frustrated that he can’t go after Treadwell, who’s been living in a trailer park in Stony Brook.* Emily relents and tells Nolan to get on it.

*Hamptons Authenticity Alert: While we applaud the writers for their attempts at authenticity by mentioning a real town near the Hamptons, Stony Brook does not have a trailer park! It has a lovely college campus and a few nice restaurants, but no mobile homes. Perhaps the writers made a Google booboo and found the “Stoneybrook Mobile Terrace” in Rome, NY? For shame, Revenge, for shame.

Jack and Ems go outside and sit on the porch swing. He asks her if she really chased him to the airport and she emotionally confirms. The two go to kiss (!!!) but Nolan walks out and interrupts them.

Charlotte—remember her?—is at a lovely rehab center I’m guessing isn’t in Europe, talking with a counselor about how much better she’s doing. She’s surprised when Louise shows up to talk and is put off when the Southern belle tightly embraces her. The two talk for a bit and Louise asks Charlotte how she’s doing in the wake of her mother’s death. Char says she isn’t going to the funeral and that she doesn’t appreciate Louise’s 800 voicemails—if Louise promises to stop calling, she’ll give her access to the penthouse.

David is livid that Emily is going after Treadwell. He puts his fatherly foot down, arguing that Emily will get caught if she breaks house arrest—but the power goes out and she sticks a device on his wrist! She promises to be careful and heads to the mythical Stony Brook trailer park.

Jack meets Margaux in NYC. He offers his condolences and admits he needs to talk to her. Margaux doesn’t want to hear it, but Jack challenges her, noting that the brazen violence, huge trail of evidence and convenient coincidences point to a cover up. She loses it, calling Jack out on his allegiance to Emily and for leaving town.

David hides his wrist monitor when Ben shows up to check on Emily. He immediately catches David red-handed and figures it out: Nolan found a way to route Emily’s monitor to David’s so she could escape without alerting police. But the jig is up, and her monitor is back online. Uh-oh.

Emily gets to the trailer park in Stony Brook, a dark ghetto that looks like the worst part of Long Island, beating even the mean streets of Montauk. She breaks into Treadwell’s trailer and finds nothing but grapes and martini glasses. She sees two friendly neighbors and asks them if they’ve seen him. They tell Emily that Treadwell left with a “regal looking” lady friend. Before Emily can ask more questions, the police arrive and arrest her.

The next morning, David and Jack argue about what to do next. Emily will be locked up through the trial. Jack thinks Margaux is helping frame Emily.

Louise hesitantly opens the door to Victoria’s penthouse but is surprised when Nolan opens it from inside! The two argue over all that’s happened. Nolan says that Louise is a loyal woman, but her loyalty is misplaced. He’s hurt when Loulou says that Victoria was the only person on earth who looked out for her. “You know that’s not true,” he sighs as he walks out.

David visits Emily in jail and tells her about a suspicious Town Car in the picture Nolan found of Treadwell. Emily says she needs to talk to Margaux, but David passes out suddenly.

Revenge Season 4 Episode 22 Plea Meme
Photo: ABC

Jack and Nolan meet Darrell, Jack’s police academy friend at the “Hampton Bus Line,” which coincidentally uses the same colors and font as the Hampton Jitney (well played, Revenge). He’s going to help the two with a new plan. Later, Margaux buys a piece of jewelry for Victoria’s funeral, but the alarm goes off as she goes to leave. When the security guard—Darrell!—finds a pair of stolen earrings, she goes nuts and slaps him, getting herself arrested! Jack, who is waiting in the shadows, hands his buddy an envelope of cash.

Margaux is hauled into a jail cell. Emily, two cells down, immediately starts to gloat. Things take a turn for the cray cray when Emily unlocks her cell and lets herself into Margaux’s. After intimidating her and threatening to torture her with some Takeda techniques, she shoves Margie up against the wall and demands answers.

Louise goes through Victoria’s things and is horrified to find the hoodie of the mugger from two weeks ago!

Later, Emily sits down to talk to Ben. She says that Margaux revealed all: Victoria is alive and switched her body with Mary, a dead woman from a New Jersey from a morgue, then somehow faked the dental records. She goes through the steps Victoria took, pretending to forge a letter, faking being mugged and finally blowing up the mansion. Ben doesn’t believe her and leaves…but back at the precinct, Louise appears and shows Ben the mugger’s clothes. Ben heads to New Jersey to see Mary’s corpse. Surprise, surprise—there’s no corpse.

Margaux leaves the jail but runs into Louise, who tells her about the hoodie. The Frenchie tells Louise Nolan must have planted the evidence, but then she calls her lawyer.

David tells a devastated Emily that he now has Stage 4 lymphoma and has six months to live, and while he humors her when she says they’ll find a way to get him help, it’s clear that this is one battle Emily can’t win.

Ben sneaks into Mary’s house in New Jersey. He looks around, follows the sound of running water and runs into a very-much-alive Victoria, who is stunned to see him. But before either can say anything, Courtney Love’s White Gold sneaks up behind Ben and stabs him to death!

Closing Thoughts: Bye, bye Ben! We knew there’d be casualties as the series hurtles toward its conclusion, but I was genuinely surprised at this turn of events. With only one episode left, we’ll soon see who makes it out alive. Next week’s episode is called “Two Graves.” I don’t think Ben counts, so who’s going to die, and how is this classic faux Hamptons series going to end?

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