Hillary Clinton’s Hamptons Summer Rental Woes

Hillary Clinton in the Hamptons
Hillary Clinton under fire for her Hamptons summer rental. Photo credit: Richard Lewin and PatrickMcMullan.com

With political pundits criticizing Democratic presidential front runner Hillary Clinton’s wealth in recent months it begs the question, where will she spend her summer vacation? The Clintons’, who have famously spent over $200,000 for their summer rentals in the Hamptons over years, are now under an even sharper microscope with regard to this year’s travel plans. Mot wonder if she can connect with middle class America if she vacays with the 1 percent.

A summer vacation for the Clinton family is all work that looks like play. Working the party circuit in the Hamptons can bring in millions over a weekend. For example, Mitt Romney made the rounds during his presidential bid and raked in over $3 million after glad-handing the Koch Brothers and their corporate friends in one weekend. President Barack Obama did a bit of fundraising over Labor Day weekend last year and not only picked up big checks but stopped traffic on one of the busiest travel times of the year.

If price is an issue, and of course it is, we found a few dozen Hamptons rentals under $50,000 for the month of August with at least six bedrooms, pool, and tennis where Hillary could rest her campaign-weary head between party hopping and collecting checks at fundraisers at waterfront mansions. Wonder if that will call off the hounds?

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