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New York Wine Tours Provides the Wheels, Expertise on the North Fork

Tammy Natalia’s new venture, New York Wine Tours, joins the East End wine tourism scene this summer, offering chauffeured trips to various North Fork vineyards and wineries, large and small.

Recently back to the East End from Prague, Czech Republic, Natalia, as a flight attendant, enjoyed the atmosphere the city had to offer.

“It’s my favorite city in the whole world. The architecture there is beautiful, there are castles all over and amazing water ways,” Natalia says. “The city is romantic and perfect for wine drinking.”

As a sommelier, a wine tour owner and operator, and a jet setting flight attendant, Natalia is a connoisseur of all types of wines, from all over the world. Natalia strives to show that off-the-beaten-path wines of Long Island are just as good, if not better, than wines from all over the globe.

Being a self taught sommelier, Natalia is focused on putting all of her energy into bettering her passion for wine.

On her wine tours, tourists will be picked up at North Fork bed and breakfasts, hotels, motels and the Greenport train station. The tours are made up of small groups and each includes three or four wineries and vineyards—the lineup changes regularly.

Throughout each tour, there is a set amount of tastings included and tourists also receive a hot meal at a local restaurant or vineyard.

As a sommelier, Natalia enjoys every type of wine because she knows different varietal pair well with different foods.

“North Fork and East End vineyards are special,” she says. “Each vineyard has fantastic wines, which makes them so special. Everyone has his or her own taste in wine. People call me, before their tour, and tell me the wines they like or want, but I also give them wine that they have never tried to allow them to experience a taste they have never had before.”

Natalia’s North Fork wine tours begin with pick-ups between  9:30 and 11 a.m. and the return time is 6 or7 p.m. Tourists will be chauffeured around in either a 2015 white Suburban or 2014 Mercedes bus.

For additional information, visit winetournewyork.com, email winetoursnewyork@yahoo.com or call 954-224-0982.

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