A-List Carpenter Blair Dibble on His Craft

Blair Dibble stands atop a home under construction.
Blair Dibble stands atop a home under construction.

If you’re looking to build a home from scratch, odds are you’re hoping to secure Blair Dibble for the project. One of the most sought-after carpenters on the East End he’s hailed for his reliability by clients—and for his state-of-the art water filtration systems. Dibble shares some of the important things to consider when building your home—or giving it a facelift—and some of his favorite things about the Hamptons.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background?
My first job in construction was as a helper with a company that built the entire house from start to finish—masonry, plumbing, electric and finish, carpentry etc. After a few years I decided that carpentry is what I enjoyed most. In the 35 years since, I challenged myself with each job to learn as much as I could, to raise the bar in my skills and achievements. I worked my way up to carpenter, lead carpenter, project supervisor, contractor and builder of high-end, custom homes. My guiding mantra was “take pride in the monuments I build; build them to last for generations.” I am not interested in building a house that will be torn done after 20 years.

What attracted you to the Hamptons ?
The natural beauty of ocean, the bays and beaches is what makes this area a special place to live for me. The clientele here has the desire and ability to secure a home that exhibits exquisite craftsmanship.

Can you tell us a little bit about your services?
Our specialty lies in creating unique custom homes. We focus on each phase of construction to insure structural and mechanical integrity as well as lasting durability. We work closely with the trades, the architect and the owner. We know that communication is key.

You’re known for your water filtration systems. Can you tell us a little bit about them?
As the quality of our groundwater has diminished over the last 30 years I have become a believer in the need for whole house water filtration systems that can contend with the natural iron and acidity of Long Island’s ground water, as well as the increased levels of nitrogen, residual pesticides and other contaminants. Filtration technology has improved in recent years and we no longer depend on water softeners or ultra violet light. For the past few years I have been relying on Watersmith Filtration Systems, which incorporates the latest ultrafiltration membrane technology as a key component to their whole house system.

For people who want to build a new home, what are things they should consider?
Look for an architect who is truly interested in the way you choose to live and use your home. A properly designed home is very important. You should feel immediately comfortable with the architect and the builder. The relationship that you develop with them should last for many years past the construction process. Trust is essential. A good builder will strive to deliver the house of your dreams and also follow up with a maintenance program to help you protect your investment.

Any tips for people looking to give their Hamptons home a little facelift?
Start with a trustworthy contractor. Talk to them about your overall goals and intentions. If this type of discussion takes place in the beginning, then the project can be properly planned and executed.

What is your most memorable project?
With over 100 projects behind me it’s not possible to choose a favorite. However my favorites have involved those where the owner, architect and builder collaborated and worked to create a final project that challenges the craftsman on the job to produce something extraordinary.

What’s your ideal day in the Hamptons?
It would have to involve being on the water boating or paddleboarding, and grilling fresh, locally caught seafood with a large group of friends.

For more info, visit blairdibble.com.

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