Guilty Pleasure Recap: The Bachelorette, Season 11, Week 9

The Bachelorette Week 9
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Showdowns, Overnights and Hometowns
There’s so much passion and electricity during this episode it makes your head spin!

OK, boys, boxing gloves on! Shawn B and Nick have it out. These two really hate each other. Shawn B reams into Nick, “You’re manipulative; I don’t think you’re here for Kaitlyn.” Nick smirks and insinuates that Shawn B is a cheater.

Overnights Begin
First up: Ben H. He and Kaitlyn have fun—they laugh and enjoy being together. During the afternoon, they go horseback riding, something Kaitlyn confesses she has never done. But she posts like a pro and the date is easy. They even chase some donkeys around a field, shades of The Three Stooges. They walk hand in hand through a meadow that ends at an overview of a grand 19th century castle, Lough Cutra, towering over a serene lake. It is the perfect setting for the overnight. Ben confesses to Kaitlyn that he just celebrated a birthday during this journey on the show. As it turns out he has just turned 26 to Kailyn’s 30. Ah, the older woman—it’s fine with Ben, but is it fine with Kaitlyn? They enter the fantasy suite complete with four-poster bed and burning fireplace, a perfect romantic setting. The suite door closes leaving the cameras and the viewing audience left to imagine—did they or didn’t they?

My take, though Ben is a sweet guy, fun to be with and a calming force, Kaitlyn is bound to let him go. The electricity isn’t there like it so obviously is with Shawn B and Nick.

The next overnight is with Shawn B. The date is spent golfing with Kaitlyn looking jaunty in riding clothes while poor Shawn B is relegated to pink shirt and royal blue trousers. Golfing evolves into a truth or dare game, leaving Shawn B without his trousers or even his shorts. I give Shawn B credit though, he continued golfing while flapping in the breeze, not easy.

That evening, Kaitlyn does have a serious talk with Shawn B asking him what it is about Nick that he doesn’t like. “He’s a smooth talker,” Shawn B replies “Nick is disillusioned and manipulative. Me and Nick are two different people,” he continues, adding, “If you pick him it means we just weren’t meant to be together.” Kaitlyn intends to continue the talk about Nick. She wants to decide by morning if Shawn B can be her husband.

The next morning, Shawn B leaves the suite and is confronted by Nick. Shawn B is angry now and says, “You’re trying to throw me under the bus. You’re the last person I want to see—the last person I want to talk to.” And he admits that he just spent the night with Kaitlyn and doesn’t need it spoiled arguing with Nick.

Nick’s poetic reply, “Shawn B just told me he had a night with Kaitlyn. I didn’t know that.” Point being, Nick admonishes Shawn B for kissing and telling. Nick, isn’t this a bit too familiar, sort of like you bragging about your night with Andy Dorfman.

The rose ceremony is imminent and one of the three must be eliminated. The two remaining contestants will have the chance to introduce Kaitlyn to their family.

The men line up as Kaitlyn, dressed in an orange gown with plunging neckline, faces them. But before she can pick up a rose, she bursts into tears and excuses herself. It seems saying good-bye to one of these men is very hard for her. Close up on Kaitlyn who admits, “I must follow my heart and I hope I’m not making a mistake.” And with that, I am sure sweet Ben is out. Sure enough, the roses go to Nick and Shawn B. Of course, keep the two drama-loving guys and throw out the light, breezy, handsome guy who isn’t quibbling with anyone.

As Kaitlyn walks Ben out, he says, “I would love to share life with you, but that isn’t going to happen. I’ll miss you.” And with that, he is gone, but my take: Ben isn’t gone for too long. Let me predict right here that Ben H will be the next bachelor.

Kaitlyn returns to the two men who hate each other. They toast, then Kaitlyn leaves these two who awkwardly sip their champagne while refusing to make eye contact.

Hometown Dates
The group says good-bye to Ireland and is off to Utah to meet the families of the remaining two contestants, Nick and Shawn B.

The first hometown is with Nick and his family. Before escorting Kaitlyn to meet them, he says, “I don’t have any reservations about you. I’m totally in love with you.” Switch to Nick’s family waiting to meet Kaitlyn. There is tension in the room. This is a very somber group indeed. Nick’s mom says, “He went through a lot with Andy. I can’t imagine another heartbreak like that.” His little sister, Bella, breaks into tears. Nick’s family takes their turn talking to Kaitlyn. They appear truly concerned for Nick’s wellbeing. In the end, they like Kaitlyn and only hope she doesn’t break Nick’s heart.

Kaitlyn says to the camera, “This is a guy I want to spend the rest of my life with. Well, this hometown date couldn’t have gone better.” She’s right, it went well.

Next up: Shawn B’s hometown date. The one with genuine concern seems to be Shawn B’s dad who says, “What the hell is going on?” He is skeptical that anyone could fall in love in eight weeks. But he gives his son his blessings and says, “You have to go with your heart.”

Alone with Kaitlyn after the hometown date, Shawn B admits, “There is one more thing I need to tell you before this goes even farther—I am in love with you.”

Close up on Kaitlyn alone in her suite: “I’m so confused.” I believe she really is confused. She breaks down in tears lamenting her strong feelings for two men and she fears what will come next—she must say good-bye to one of them.

Next week is the reunion show where the guys tell all. This is usually a big waste of time and just puts off the finale, but maybe not this time with all those controversial personalities reassembling.

Final Rose
My prediction, as I said night one, Shawn B is the last man standing. Nick, you are runner up yet again. Always the best man, never the husband.


The Bachelorette Season 11, Week 10 “Guys Tell All” airs on ABC next Monday, July 20 at 8 p.m. Check next Tuesday for our next Guilty Pleasure Recap.

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