Harbor Vows to Remain Open for Business in Montauk This Summer

Harbor, the restaurant and lounge on Lake Montauk at 440 West Lake Drive. Montauk.
Harbor, the restaurant and lounge on Lake Montauk at 440 West Lake Drive. Montauk. Photo credit: Courtesy Brandsway Creative

Harbor, the new Montauk restaurant and lounge, and East Hampton Town are butting heads, and Harbor has no plans to yield.

In a statement Thursday, Harbor reported that it has remained open—contrary to published reports that said otherwise—and will continue to operate throughout the summer.

East Hampton Town successfully sought a temporary retraining order against Harbor on July 15 that bars the use of the premises as a nightclub and orders the restaurant to adhere to a maximum occupancy of 68 people. According to the town, the business could be held in criminal contempt if it fails to comply.

“This is part of the Town of East Hampton’s effort to address those businesses that have turned their establishments into nightclubs without the requisite approvals and invited overcrowding without regard to the occupancy limits set forth in state law,” East Hampton Town Supervisor Larry Cantwell said. “This business is not equipped with sprinkler systems and has a maximum occupancy of 68 persons. Since May, it has been cited on multiple, separate occasions with overcrowding and, at times, has had up to 300 people inside.”

For its part, the restaurant stated, “While Harbor is disappointed by the town’s action, they understand the town’s need to have all businesses in Montauk abide by local laws. Harbor agrees 100% with that sentiment. The health and safety of Harbor patrons and its employees is and will remain the number one priority, and the restaurant has procedures in place to abide by all local laws and regulations.”

Harbor stated its planned summer programming, including daytime bocce ball, nightly DJ performances, live music, charity events and Sunday Family Movie Night, will continue and its Booby Trap takeout stand will remain open.

According to Harbor’s website, “Daytime at Harbor is docking your boat and rolling up for a friendly game of bocce or ping pong, sipping rosé and enjoying long, lingering lunches. Sunset brings breath-taking views, marking the kick-off to a night of dancing and debauchery with DJs and live performances into the wee hours.”

The restraining order is in place through July 30, when the parties are due to appear in New York State Supreme Court.

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