Shop ’til You Drop: Picture-Perfect Products for a Healthy You

Hamptons beach towel at Ralph Lauren, 41 Jobs Lane, Southampton.
Hamptons beach towel at Ralph Lauren, 41 Jobs Lane, Southampton. Photo credit: Courtesy Ralph Lauren

Right about now, hair frizz is at its peak. Tame your mane without losing precious strands wish Keratin Complex’s Flex Paddle Brush. It’s effective while being gentle, and it’s lightweight so you can easily throw it in your beach bag (, $24).

Pre-brush, the new Marula Pure Beauty Oil Intensive Repair Conditioner (, $28) does what very few products are able to do—it’s rich and moisturizing without being heavy. It also smells great, locks in color and reduces dry time.

On the skincare front, a major problem this time of year is acne. Worse yet, it’s not just a teenage problem. Luckily, the solution doesn’t have to come in the form of a pricy lotion. Tried and true Proactiv is now more effective than ever thanks to Proactiv+. The revamp of their original 3-Step System is fast and effective, and doesn’t dry out skin or leave behind a noxious smell (, $29.95 for the 3-step 30-Day Core System). They also have a number of ancillary products including spot treatments, sunscreen and acne wipes.

Paula’s Choice recently launched a slew of effective tanning products designed specifically for sensitive skin. A favorite is their SUN 365 Self-Tanning Concentrate (, $18). Simply mix a few pumps of the lightweight, odor-free product with your moisturizer of choice and apply for a naturally tan look. It’s great, because since you decide how many pumps you blend in with your moisturizer, you can easily control your level of color.

You’ll want to remember however that just because you’ve got newly tan skin doesn’t make you more immune to the deadly effects of the sun’s rays. Hydrate while you protect with the new Senté Daily Repair Complex SPF 30. Years of research have gone into the formulation of this fast absorbing product. It’s also non-greasy, so you can apply it and then get dressed or apply other products on top within seconds (, $115).

While we’re not ones to skip indulging, when laying out beach-side it’s nice to keep healthful snacks on hand. A current go-to of mine is Lord Nut’s newest flavor Zest Chili Lime (though Spicy Bloody Mary is often also close-by…). Aside from the bold flavors and spices—which keep us from over-indulging—each serving has seven grams of protein and over 30 nutrients (, $4.99).

If you’re feeling energized, the nuts make a great pre-yoga snack. We’ve been particularly motivated to keep up our practice, despite the heat, since we started sporting footwear form Blake Brody for Ahnu—a new women’s on-the-mat yoga studio footwear product line. That’s right—shoes for yoga! The extra support helps with both flexibility and stability (

If you’re looking for shoes for the beach this summer, check out Bella | Ha. They’re a line of chic but casual sandals inspired by the Khánh Hòa province in southern Vietnam, crafted by a family of shoemakers in Florence, Italy using sustainably-sourced salmon skin leather from Ireland. Proceeds from the purchase of sandals helps send solar suitcases to an area of the world in need. A solar suitcase is a portable, suitcase-like device that equips off-the-grid medical clinics with solar power so they can have light. The sandals are available at Concept in Southampton (42B Jobs Lane, Southampton) and online at

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