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A Long Time Coming: Jaws Action Figures

Wildly popular adult collectable toy company Funko, makers of those Funko Pop! bobbleheads on your geeky coworker’s desk, released a line of Jaws action figures in July and they’re flying off store shelves—especially here on the East End.

Based on East Hampton resident Steven Spielberg’s 1975 Oscar-winning classic, the line of figures includes representations of Police Chief Martin Brody, played by beloved Hamptons resident Roy Scheider (may he rest in peace); oceanographer Matt Hooper, played by Richard Dreyfuss; and Quint, unforgettably played by Robert Shaw (may he also rest in peace).

Jaws ReAction Figures
Jaws ReAction Figures, Photo: Oliver Peterson (@oliversees on Instagram)

Of course the set also features two versions of the titular great white shark—yes, the one that will “swallow you whole.” There’s a standard, clean version, complete with scuba tanks to chew on, and a blood-spattered exclusive San Diego ComicCon edition with a special bloody Quint with machete accessory, who fits perfectly in the shark’s gory maw.

Though it’s set on the fictional island of Amity, Jaws has long been associated with the Hamptons, due in part to comparisons between Shaw’s grizzled shark hunter Quint and Montauk’s famous “Monster Man” Frank Mundus, who is credited with catching the largest fish ever on rod and reel—a Jaws-like 3,427-pound great white—aboard his relatively small charter boat, The Cricket II. Before that, Mundus also caught an estimated 4,500-pound great white with a harpoon, though that beast was never officially weighed.

San Diego ComicCon exclusive bloody Jaws and Quint ReAction figures
San Diego ComicCon exclusive bloody Jaws and Quint ReAction figures, Photo: Oliver Peterson (@oliversees on Instagram)

The Funko toys are part of the company’s ReAction Figures series, which includes minimally detailed and articulated 3 3/4-inch representations of numerous characters from a bevvy of films and television shows, including such licenses as Scarface, Big Trouble in Little China, Gremlins, Breaking Bad, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Back to the Future, Taxi Driver, The Terminator, The Goonies, Star Trek and more.

The first ReAction line was actually made using long lost molds for toys based on the 1977 Alien film. Kenner, the original maker of the figures (and maker of the first Star Wars figures), scrapped the series after realizing Alien was too dark and violent for a line of children’s toys. More than 30 years later, Funko acquired the molds and, with appreciation for their retro feel, created ReAction figures exactly as they were intended.

It was a hit and multiple lines have followed.

Jaws ReAction Figures
Jaws ReAction Figures, Photo: Oliver Peterson (@oliversees on Instagram)

Each ReAction figure has five points of articulation, just like those Star Wars figures of yesteryear. Often, the figures also come with fun accessories.

In the Jaws line, Brody has a pistol and rifle, Hooper has a camera (his city hands can’t hold guns) and Quint comes with a spear gun—everything an adult collector needs to recreate his or her favorite scenes from the legendary film! (These pictures were created by web editor Oliver Peterson–see more of his toy photography at @oliversees on Instagram!)

Where were these in 1975?

ReAction retro-style action figures are available at Toyr R Us in Riverhead or your local GameStop stores on the North and South Forks. Find out more at

Jaws ReAction Figures
Jaws ReAction FiguresJaws ReAction Figures, Photo: Oliver Peterson
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