Bill Clinton Dines at Indian Wells Tavern

Bill Clinton at Indian Wells Tavern
Bill Clinton at Indian Wells Tavern

Former President Bill Clinton, looking casual in a Hawaiian shirt, dined with a party of 14 on Thursday evening at Amagansett pub Indian Wells Tavern.

The group included family, staff and friends while Secret Service was seated at the table next to them. Clinton ate vegetarian, noshing on corn, spinach and chips and guacamole paired with an iced tea, and he was very gracious as people approached him for photos.

Word of his recent birthday spread so the entire restaurant serenaded Clinton with “Happy Birthday” as dessert arrived. Appreciative of the service he posed for photos with the entire staff who served him, from the dishwasher to the owner.

Clinton was spotted Tuesday dining at Blue Parrot in East Hampton,

Clinton and wife Hillary Clinton, a former secretary of state and current presidential contender, are vacationing in the Hamptons during the tail-end of August. However, it will be a working vacation—a number of political fundraisers are planned.

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