‘Tales From Mt. Striper Surf’ Goes Fishing in Montauk

This unique and rather grim look at Montauk surfcasting, Tales From Mt. Striper Surf: “Call of The Mystery Raven,” is the fifth installment of an ongoing vintage newsreel-style video series about fishing created by Brooklyn’s Bill Moulton and sponsored by the Greenie Supply & Tackle shop in Greenport.

In the show’s first episode, Tales From Mt. Striper Surf: “The Journey Begins,” the narrator does a good job explaining his point of view and feelings about angling, which carries throughout the series: “These are the tales from this punishing journey along the trails of unimaginable defeat and glory on an elusive mountainside we know only as the striper surf.”

Following episodes about popping lures, scouting beaches and struggling with the end of fishing season, Tales From Mt. Striper Surf posted this cynical meditation on Montauk last week.

As they describe it: “Behold the mystery that is Montauk, a seductive siren calling oceanic adventurers from far and wide. Here the angler must confront the possibility that all is not what it seems. And often, the chill of failure looms below every perilous cliff. And only the raven knows who will find glory among these sacred, slime-covered rocks. Montauk.”

To see more Tales From Mt. Striper Surf, visit Bill Moulton’s Vimeo page.

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