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Alec Baldwin Pens Essay on COP21 Climate Talks

Amagansett actor and environmentalist Alec Baldwin will be attending COP21, the annual Conference of Parties to combat climate change, in Paris this month, and he did an opinion piece for Newsweek about his confidence in what the conference will accomplish.

“For years we have known that to protect the planet, we must shake off our dependence on fossil fuels,” Baldwin says. “We have known this for a very long time. For many, it is clear common sense. To be spewing toxins into the air from coal-burning factories, to be lacing the skies with the exhaust of thousands upon thousands of airplanes—we all knew this could not go on forever.”

Baldwin advocates for a number of ideas, including fast-tracking a global renewable energy grid, retiring the use of coal and improving energy storage and conductivity.

Read Baldwin’s full op-ed at

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