Alec Baldwin Rips Donald Trump on Twitter—Will Trump Respond?

Alec Baldwin's tweet to Donald Trump on Thursday.
Alec Baldwin's tweet to Donald Trump on Thursday.

Republican presidential contender Donald Trump has shown time and time again that when he is insulted or called out by a famous person, he just can’t help but respond—so we wait with bated breath to hear what he has to say to Amagansett’s Alec Baldwin today.

Baldwin tweeted this morning, “…@realDonaldTrump uses aggression and hyper-confidence to mask an inarticulate message like no other.”

Will Trump just let it slide, or will he unleash his wrath on Baldwin, as he has done to many critics before?

Just this week, Trump got into it with actor Samuel L. Jackson. Jackson, coincidentally, now holds a job that once belonged to Baldwin: pitchman for Capital One credit cards.

It started after Rhapsody Magazine magazine published an interview in which Jackson said Trump cheats at golf. Trump defended his golf game, and said he doesn’t know Jackson at all. Trump responded Tuesday via Twitter.

Black-ish actor Anthony Anderson tried to jog Trump’s memory.

Trump then took a swing—pun intended—at Jackson’s golf game, now accusing Jackson of being a cheater. He also derided Jackson’s commercials again.

Does Trump have it in him to let Baldwin’s comment go? Or will his ego force him to bite back?

We bet Trump will say Stephen Baldwin—a former contestant on Celebrity Apprentice—is his favorte Baldwin brother.

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