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Hamptons Officials May Dye Peconic Bay Orange

Local authorities, noting the recent increase in the incidents of people driving off the roads and into the water in the surrounding area, are considering dyeing Peconic Bay a bright florescent color to warn motorists of approaching water.

“At certain times of day and night, the water is the same color as the road surface, and that’s dangerous,” notes Randy Pfluger. “In some locations, if the water is calm, there’s really nothing to indicate that you’re actually leaving the roadway and entering the water.”

Pfluger, a concerned citizen who has himself unwittingly driven his car straight into Peconic Bay on several occasions, is the president of Peconic Dye Job, a group that is advocating that the bay be dyed bright orange to caution drivers.

The concept has been questioned by environmentalists who are worried about the impact possibly poisonous dyes might have on marine life. Some homeowners with Peconic Bay views are also opposed to the idea for obvious reasons, but authorities, including the Hamptons Police Department and ambulance squad, on the whole are warm to the idea if it means drivers will be better able to distinguish Peconic Bay from a solid road surface.

Should the Hamptons Municipal Board pass this proposal, officials have agreed to a second round of approvals regarding the choice of color for the bay, and whether or not this course of action would work in other bodies of water in the region.

While orange seemed the obvious choice to proponents such as Pfluger and Peconic Dye Job, some argue the color could be useless during the more spectacular Hamptons sunsets. Various other colors are being tested and reviewed, but the initial question, to dye or not to dye, will be answered soon. If it is rejected, color testing and considerations will, of course, be moot.

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