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Beach Landing Permits Going Fast in the Hamptons

Following news that non-resident beach parking permits have already sold out for summer 2016, Hamptons officials yesterday announced that beach landing permits are going fast.

“Anybody who foresees landing their helicopter, sea plane or hovercraft on a Hamptons beach this summer needs to act fast to obtain the proper permit,” said Annabelle Zuschlag, who issues the beach landing permits out of the Hamptons municipal offices. “We are only issuing 750 permits, and as of right now, we’ve already granted over 500 to applicants.”

Hamptons Police spokesman Larry Hirsch added that the police plan to be hyper-vigilant about checking landing permits this summer.

“In past years, we’ve been pretty relaxed about it when people have landed their aircraft on the beach. We know that it’s vacation time, and people like to save time by getting from beach to beach by air, so we’ve let people off with a warning. Well, don’t count on it this summer. Get your permit!”

The Hamptons Municipal Board began issuing beach landing permits back in the early 1970s, as wealthy locals and part-timers began landing their flying vehicles more regularly on area shores. The program began with just five permits—one of which was later revoked when the owner was found to be running a sea plane smuggling operation out of his oceanfront home in Amagansett.

But as the Hamptons’ popularity grew, so did the wealth of many of its beachgoers. And, as everyone knows, with with wealth, comes flight.

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