Moustache Brewing Co. Offers Beer for Blood in June

Blood for beer—what a deal!
Blood for beer—what a deal! Photo: ljupco, ronen/123RF

Throughout the month of June, the Moustache Brewing Company is hosting a Pint for Pint event—offering beer for your blood—at their tasting room in Riverhead. Well, sort of.

The event, as described by the brewery, will give customers a free pint of beer when presented with a dated blood donation receipt. There are no major restrictions, but the offer expires at the end of the month.

Moustache introduced the promotion to give an incentive for individuals to donate blood, and it couldn’t come at a better time. According to Harvey Schaffler, the Executive Director of Donor Marketing for New York Blood Center, New York State has recently declared a Blood Emergency.

“The current supply of blood is below the levels required to support a safe, healthy blood supply for our area hospitals,” Schaffler says. “We provide blood to all of the hospitals so they are dependent on us.”

Blood voluntarily donated through the state is essential for cancer patients, accident victims, people undergoing surgeries and people with blood disorders, Schaffler explains, noting that blood shortages are common in the summer months, mostly due to a lack of hosts for blood drives.

Additionally, Schaffler believes that as schools release students, companies modify their hours and families plan vacations, less people are thinking about donating blood.

New York Blood Center’s goal is to make blood donations a routine activity for New Yorkers—similar to going to the dentist or changing the oil in one’s car.

Donating blood regularly is important because the blood center needs to constantly replenish its shelves in order to stabilize their supply, he says. As New York faces this shortage in blood, New York Blood is unable to respond to crises, such as the recent nightclub shooting in Florida.

We have to be ready in the event of such a tragedy, Schaffler points out. “It’s a serious matter,” he adds, because if there is ever an event where blood is needed, it’s the blood on the shelves that will be used. “They need to be prepared.”

Moustache Brewing is located at 400 Hallett Avenue in Riverhead. Call 631-591-3250 or visit for more info.

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