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Great Moments from Dan’s Taste of Two Forks 2016

To the surprise of nobody, the second big night of Dan’s Taste of Summer 2016 – Dan’s Taste of Two Forks presented by Farrell Building Company – at Fairfield Farm at Mecox in Bridgehampton on Saturday, July 23 was a magical and sold out evening of food, fun…and food!

Hosted by Food Network stars Katie Lee and Alex Guarnaschelli and honoring Art and Harry Ludlow – Dan’s Taste of Two Forks showcased the best food and restaurants the East End of Long Island has to offer on both the North Fork and South Fork.

Guarnaschelli, known for her tough-as-nails judging gig on Chopped, was thrilled to be able to let loose and party. “I love when I’m off duty and I get to let chefs cook for me!” the Iron Chef exclaimed. “I’m super excited about the work that goes into the food and everything, but more importantly, this is the time of year to cut loose…guys, I wore a dress tonight, serious! I’m wearing a dress and heels and, like, a bra, so I expect you guys to [have a great time]!”

And everyone certainly had a great time. Some highlights from the evening:

Guests were almost as excited about the stunning Porsche cars on display as they were about Montauk restaurant 668 the Gig Shack’s “Lamborghini” lamb sliders with aioli. Car lovers were lining up to sit in the snazzy blue convertible.

Did you have a “Nervous Breakdown” when you were served a Keith’s Nervous Breakdown margarita by the friendly, sexy, bathing suit-clad representatives? The beautiful young woman and handsome guy (both in fine shape) were great sports, taking photos with passersby and giving information to anyone with questions. Who could say no?

Who doesn’t have a sweet tooth after trying all that savory food? Desserts of all kinds were available everywhere. Guests were treated to Sarabeth’s (NYC), who delivers on the platonic ideal of the Chocolate Chip Cookie! Every. Time. CCC, yeah you know me!

Stop & Shop also gave out a decadent array of treats, and they were served by some of the friendly faces we know and love from our hometown stores.

Hampton Coffee Company was also in attendance with some tasty iced drinks.

Amagansett Sea Salt Company proved themselves the best of local sea salts once again with their sprinkles of delight over Caprese salad kebabs.

Little Red’s (Southampton) Local Heirloom Tomato & Watermelon Salad rocked: The ricotta salata played perfected off of the melon.

How about those fire pits that also served as griddles? Very cool.

Into the Groove also rocked…on the stage! The band kept the vibe going for chefs and diners alike.

Mercado’s (Bridgehampton) Slow Roasted Carnitas were Hamptons Epicure Stacy Dermont’s favorite selection of the night. Chef/owner Marcel Link BROUGHT THE HEAT!

Moby’s (East Hampton) Shrimp “Succotash” with poached white tiger shrimp, cockles, local corn, Sungold tomato vinaigrette and opal basil micro greens was so savory and so very fresh!

Momi Ramen’s (East Hampton) Chilled Yasai Ramen really hit the spot. Out through the VIP Lounge, past the line of people getting cookbooks signed by Chef Alex Guarnaschelli, to the bay itself, one could gaze out and veg on this singular ramen. The crispy taro bits made it a textural delight.

For the second night, representatives from the city of Tokyo brought some Japanese culture to the East End. Did you hear that drumming? Who’s planning a visit?

Outside the tent, Hendrick’s Gin was among the purveyors, showcasing their Flora Dora Hendrick’s & Tonic and giving out free playing cards and portable phone chargers.

Sailor Jerry Rum was also on hand with shots and some cool swag.

Speaking of swag, Campari gave out some fine red journals to go with their fine, red cocktails!

Milagro Tequila was pouring by the VIP tent, and handing out margarita flavored lip gloss to hold us over until guests could get our very own bottles at home.

Chef Matty Boudreau of Sag Harbor’s The Restaurant at Baron’s Cove had some killer Buffalo-style shrimp.

Bai was back offering some ice cold drinks with few calories and lots of flavor.

Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company had some wonderfully refreshing offerings, but their Orange Beet Juice was absolutely epic! And Jensen the server couldn’t have been nicer.

Navy Beach’s (Montauk) Shrimp Ceviche was spot-on. Described as containing “pickled vegetables,” the tiny cauliflower florets were a welcome surprise.

Drones were seen cruising around throughout the evening. And those four little propellers offer a nice breeze on a hot night!

Barritts Ginger Beer and Tito’s Handmade Vodka: what a combo!

Service Station (East Hampton) had people lined up all night for their Fish Tacos.

For night two of Dan’s Taste of Summer, the Brooklyn Baking Barons brought a delicious Limoncello Poppy Seed Cake. Did you know they’ll mail it fresh to your home?

GrillHampton host Adam Richman was back and in the house for Taste of Two Forks. He was still posing with fans, even when off the clock. He was already as magnanimous as ever at Friday’s Dan’s Taste of Summer event.

MB Meal Appeal’s dessert bar in the VIP Lounge was over the top! So was the orange and pink sunset over Fairfield Farm at Mecox.

Tuna Tartare from Arbor was overheard to be a favorite for quite a few diners.

Saaz of Southampton offered Chicken Tikka Masala, and they were the only restaurant at the event with a little red curtain around their sign.

The Greenwich’s (Southampton) chef Carmine Di Giovanni offered fresh Burratta with watermelon, dappled with crisp bread crumbs and a breeze of microgreens. It was all-kindza textural happiness.

The Lunetta Prosecco with its tiny bubbles and yeasty nose proved indefinitely quaffable. And there was a beautiful trapeze artist pouring it into patrons’ glasses from above…

Aperol Sprintz! Just a touch of bitter orange with a little slice of fresh orange on top. Yes, please! And yes to all those fun orange giveaways, too! The sunglasses and bow ties were a hit.

We ate, we drank, we danced, we got our picture taken in a turquoise Porsche that no one would mind driving at all…

If you missed out on the fun of Dan’s GrillHampton and Taste of Two Forks this weekend, all is not lost! The oceanfront food and drink fest ClambakeMTK at Gurney’s Montauk hosted by Marc Murphy  and Eden Grinshpan debuts on Saturday, July 30. General Admission for ClambakeMTK, from 7:30–10 p.m., is $150. VIP tickets are $250, and include access to the after-party from 10 p.m.–12 a.m.

Dan’s Harvest East End, the can’t-miss food and wine classic, hosted by Geoffrey Zakarian, is Saturday, August 20, at McCall Vineyard and Ranch in Cutchogue. VIP tickets for Harvest East End are $285 and offer early access beginning at 6:30 p.m. General Admission, from 7:30–10 p.m., is $135.

Visit DansTasteofSummer.com for tickets and info for all our Dan’s Taste of Summer events.


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