Russell Simmons Supports Mercy for Animals

Russell Simmons
Russell Simmons, Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Thinkstock

East Hampton resident, hip-hop pioneer and outspoken animal rights activist Russell Simmons is asking for your help in donating to and supporting the Mercy for Animals (MFA) organization.

MFA is founded on the mission of exposing the horrible acts of cruelty that happen behind the scenes at slaughterhouses and factory farms, as well as pushing for new policies towards animal rights and promoting healthier, more compassionate food choices.

For only a couple more days, MFA is accepting donations for its Summer Compassion Challenge—an attempt to raise $250,000 before July 31. All donations will be matched by a generous donor and will go toward further efforts to expose and put a halt to the countless forms of brutality committed to chickens, pigs, cows and fish imprisoned and sentenced to death for our consumption.

“Humans eat meat because they’re disconnected from the suffering it causes. There’s something we can do to help,” Simmons writes. “With your support, MFA can continue to send undercover investigators into the field to capture evidence of despicable animal cruelty. With that newly captured footage, MFA can pressure major food companies to adopt landmark animal welfare policies and work to bring animal abusers to justice. Not least of all, MFA will inspire thousands of new people to choose more compassionate diets.”

Simmons is not alone in his support of MFA. Alongside the mogul are actors Joaquin Phoenix and Hamptons visitor Ryan Gosling, actress Kim Basinger, musician Tom Morello and many others. Just last winter, fellow East Ender Alec Baldwin shared a video in support of MFA in which he expressed his disgust over Tyson Foods and their treatment of chickens.

To make a donation, visit For additional information on Mercy for Animals and their mission, visit

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