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Scarlett Johansson Named Highest Grossing Actress of All Time

Maybe now Marvel will give Scarlett Johansson her own movie.

The 31-year-old actress, who has starred in massive hits including The Avengers, Captain America: Civil War, Iron Man 2, as well as acclaimed films like Lost in Translation, Match Point, The Other Boleyn Girl, Vicky Christina Barcelona, Ghost World and many more, has been named the highest-grossing actress of all time, according to Box Office Mojo. As the only female in the top 10 grossing actors, Johansson has grossed $3.3 billion in ticket sales throughout her career.

The full list: Harrison Ford, $4.8 billion; Samuel L. Jackson, $4.6 billion; Morgan Freeman, $4.4 billion; Tom Hanks, $4.3 billion; Robert Downey, Jr., $3.9 billion; Eddie Murphy, $3.8 billion; Tom Cruise, $3.5 billion; Johnny Depp, $3.36 billion; Michael Caine, $3.34 billion; and Johansson.

Johansson is also the youngest star on the list. The talented woman spoke out against gender wage gap in the May issue of Cosmopolitan, saying “I am very fortunate…I think every woman has been underpaid, but unless I’m addressing it as a larger problem, for me to talk about my personal experience with it feels a little obnoxious.”

Most recently, Johansson appeared in Captain America: Civil War as Natasha Romanoff, a role she’s played in five Marvel Studios films. She is slated to lend her voice to the upcoming animated musical film Sing, and will play the lead role in the live-action adaptation of the Ghost in the Shell anime in 2017.

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