Dan’s Harvest East End Countdown: Long Island Wine Quiz

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Dan’s Harvest East End is this Saturday, August 20. You may know wine, but how much do you know about Long Island wine? Take this quiz and see if you’re in-the-know about Long Island wine country.


1. When was the first Long Island vineyard planted?

2. What is the difference between a winery and a vineyard?

3. True or false: rosé is a blend of white and red wines.

4. What is the name of the first Long Island winery?

5. What is the difference between champagne and sparkling wine?

6. Kelly Ripa is a fan of what kind of wine that is popular on Long Island?

7. True or false: a maritime climate is good for wine.

8. In 2015, Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate gave a score of 94—the highest score given on the East Coast—to two wines from which Long Island vineyard/winery?

9. True or false: ice wine is wine that is refrigerated.

10. When tasting wine, “finish” refers to what?


1. In 1973, Hargrave Vineyard planted its first acres.

2. The difference between a winery and a vineyard is that a winery makes wine, while a vineyard grows grapes. There’s no hard and fast rule about this—a winery can also grow their own grapes and a vineyard can also house a winery.

3. Mostly false. While there are wineries that call their blended wines rosé, rosé is actually made by juicing red grapes and letting the skins sit in the juice for a small amount of time until they take on a pink color. The skins are them removed and the juice ferments.

4. Hargrave Vineyard opened its winery in 1975.

5. Officially, champagne is sparkling wine that comes from the region of Champagne, France. All other “champagne” should be called sparkling wine. Also, champagne must use Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.

6. Kelly Ripa is a fan of rosé, and recently made mention of Dan’s Papers’ coverage of rosé on Live!

7. True. The maritime climate of Long Island, which contributes to the terroir, or environment, of wine country is considered a prime condition for producing wine.

8. Wölffer Estate Vineyard’s Diosa Late Harvest 2012 and Descencia Botrytis Chardonnay 2012 both received 94 from the Wine Advocate. In fact, a total of 78 wines received scores of 90 and above from the prestigious publication.

9. False. Ice wine is made from grapes that froze while on the vine.

10. A finish refers to the final impression the wine leaves on you as you swallow.

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How did you do? Are you a full-blown oenophile or a neophyte wine fan? Either way, come to Dan’s Harvest East End, the can’t-miss food and wine classic, on August 20 at McCall Vineyard and Ranch, 9325 New Suffolk Avenue, Cutchogue. For tickets and more information visit DansTasteofSummer.com.

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