Wish Bill Clinton a Happy Birthday and Win a Fab Prize

Photo: Visions Of America LLC/123rf

Ever wanted to dine with the Clintons? Well, here’s your chance.

The Clinton Foundation has an electronic birthday card in which website guests can send a Happy Birthday message to former President Bill Clinton. After sending the message, users will have the opportunity to donate to the foundation. After donating, individuals will be entered in an online contest for a chance to win a trip to New York City to attend Clinton’s 70th birthday party.

The deadline to enter this contest is September 2. The online e-card allows individual to write their first and last names, e-mail address and a brief message. Clinton is no stranger to the Hamptons. Here are some top moments where the former president has walked amongst Hamptons civilians.

Clinton Umpires Writers vs. Artists Game – August 20, 1988
Back in the days of leg warmers, the original Star Wars trilogy and Cabbage Patch Kids, Arkansas Governor William Clinton umpired the softball classic Artists vs. Writers game. Clinton attended the game at Herrick Park on Newtown Lane in East Hampton and umpired famous people from the day including Lori Singer, Sam Cohn, Mort Zuckerman and Peter Jennings. Since then, Clinton has made appearances at the game, but only as a guest.

The First President to Visit the Hamptons in 30 Years – July 26, 1998
After establishing himself in the Oval Office, Clinton headed to the South Fork in the late 90s. Clinton, along with wife and 2016 Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton, were the first presidential couple to visit the Hamptons since former President Nixon’s stay at Gurney’s Inn in 1968. The couple attended a fundraiser at Alec Baldwin’s Amagansett estate, a $25,000 fundraiser dinner at investment banker Bruce Wasserstein’s house and a small gathering benefitting the Democratic National Committee’s Finance Council. The visit caused gridlock for travelers. The area was also subjected to bomb sweeps and safety checks from the East Hampton Village police and the town police.

Clinton Presidential Campaign – August 2, 2007
Bill Clinton’s presidency was long gone in 2007, but Hillary’s was just beginning. Months before Barack Obama was elected the Clintons visited the Hamptons to raise money for her campaign. The couple attended events hosted by former New York City mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, Al Franken and Howard Dean. The duo was successful in their endeavor raising more than $1,000,000 for the presidential campaign. The Clintons also visited the Entenmann family for a meal and attended a pancake breakfast. The Clintons can definitely mix business with pleasure.

Another Clinton Vacation – August 21, 2015
Taking a break from the presidential race, the Clintons visited the Hamptons in August, 2015 for some family time. The family was seen at the Amagansett pub Indian Wells Tavern with a group of 14 people, including friends and staff. The family came to the Hamptons to celebrate Clinton’s birthday and visited until the end of August.

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