Scarlett Johansson Stars in Quirky Japanese Commercial

Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson. Photo: ©PATRICKMCMULLAN.COM

And now for something totally different.

Hamptonite Scarlett Johansson stars in a new Japanese commercial for Lux hair products. This in and of itself is fine—Johansson has great locks, after all—but the manner in which she appears in the promotion is interesting, to say the least. In the commercial, virtual popstar Hatsune Miku, a “vocaloid” singer that appears in video games and other media, doesn’t know what to do with her hair. When she sees a billboard of Johansson with long, flowing hair, she does her hair like Johansson’s for a concert. At the end of the virtual concert, Johansson leaves “Miku” a voicemail encouraging her to follow her dreams.

We don’t know about you, but maybe a hair commercial could spend more time on actual hair, rather than blue-colored CGI? Either way, this video is cute and charming. Check it out below.

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