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Shop ‘Til You Drop: Indulge in Some Heavenly Hamptons Shopping

I think I’ve found myself a new beauty routine. Recently, I tested out Mad Hippie’s line of natural skincare products. I was skeptical. I’ve never had a skincare regime that I was truly happy with. But I thought, the packing is pretty, and the brand cares about the environment. Why not give it a try? I started with the Mad Hippie Cream Cleanser, a cheery little pump bottle full of all sorts of natural ingredients: jojoba oil, orchid extract, macadamia oil and green tea. I applied it to damp skin and let it sit for a minute. It came off easily, and I’ve got to say, my skin did feel softer and cleaner, without being stripped of its moisture. Before bed I put on the Mad Hippie Eye Cream (just a small dot! A little goes a long way) followed by the Antioxidant Facial Oil. Even though this was straight oil on my face, it didn’t feel greasy. After a few minutes the Facial Oil sank in, and I was already thinking I’d found a winner. The next morning, I looked in the mirror, and my skin was practically glowing. The usual dark circles and eye puffiness were gone, and my skin tone was healthy and even. I used the tiniest bit of concealer while getting ready, but I was practically barefaced and I felt beautiful. I’ve been using the products for about a week now. I’ve experienced no breakouts, no dryness, no oily patches on my skin. Instead, I wake up every morning and my skin looks fabulous. What’s more, Mad Hippie is all natural and environmentally conscious, with $1 of every web sale donated to wildlife conservation, and eco-friendly packaging. So,I feel good and I know that the brand is doing its part to help the planet. I’d say that’s a win-win. Find out more about Mad Hippie and their skincare products at

Have you heard about Heavenly Tea Leaves? They’re a local tea company with big flavor. As a tea drinker, I can be pretty particular about my brewed beverages, but Heavenly Tea Leaves ticked all the right boxes. For one, the tea comes in these perfect little tea tins. The top screws off, and the mouth of the tin is the exact width you need to scoop a teaspoon into your strainer. I’m used to dealing with loose-leaf tea in foldover bags, so this tea was a delight to prepare. I opted for the Marraketch Mint green tea, let it brew for 4 minutes, and voila! “Heavenly” is right, this was one of the best mint teas I’ve ever had (and I’m a big fan). Calming and refreshing, the taste was a clear indicator of a quality (quali-tea?) product. But I was equally surprised when I reached the end of my cup and found very little sediment at the bottom. All around, this tea was a success. Visit to check out their products. I know I’ve got my eye on the Dessert Tea sampler, with Raspberry Chocolate Black and Key Lime Pie teas. Yes please!

New Kid on the Block

Mustard Seed Farms is a new, locally owned farm with fresh, pesticide-free produce, herbs and flowers. Their market is full of local products. There, you can find the products of Catapano Dairy Farm and the Long Island Pickle Company. You can even find raw honey from South Bay Apiaries. It’s a one-stop shop for all your locavore needs. But where Mustard Seed Farm really shines is in its gorgeous flower arrangements. The farm grows all flowers on premises and can create arrangements for any occasion, from weddings to birthdays. Depending on the time of year you can find lily, zinnia, calendula, black-eyed Susan and more. Stop by the farm at 177 Main Street in Center Moriches, or visit to find out more.

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