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Hierarchy of Poker Hands for the Bridgehampton Road Rally

Each driver/navigator team in the 2016 Bridgehampton Road Rally will pick up one playing card at four different stops, as well as a fifth card upon returning to the Bridgehampton Museum. After putting those five cards together, the team with the best poker hand will win a special prize!

Of course not everyone knows how to play poker, so we’ve published this handy guide to the hierarchy of poker hands to help keep track of how you’re doing as the Rally progresses.

Quick note: We start with the very best hand in poker and continue down to the worst. Suits are the heart, club, diamond and spade symbols, and when we refer to your card’s “number,” that includes (in order of lowest to highest) the Jack (J), Queen (Q), King (K) and Ace (A) cards, which are technically letters. Hopefully the graphics will help if you’re still confused.

royal flushROYAL FLUSH
10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace—all in the same suit (hearts, clubs, spades, diamonds)
straight flushSTRAIGHT FLUSH
Five consecutive cards—all in the same suit (hearts, clubs, spades, diamonds)
four of a kindFOUR OF A KIND
Four of the same card (one in each suit)
full houseFULL HOUSE
Three of a kind and a pair
Five cards all in the same suit (but don’t have to be in order)
Five consecutive cards (suits don’t matter—only numbers)
three of a kindTHREE OF A KIND
Three cards with the same number
two pairTWO PAIR
Two different pairs of the same cardpairPAIR
Two of the same card in different suitshigh cardHIGH CARD
The highest number card (if no one has a pair or better)


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