Louis C.K. to Conan: Don’t Be a Dancer

Louis CK
Louis CK, Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Thinkstock

Shelter Island’s Louis C.K. recently gave Conan O’Brien some peculiar career advice. Sort of.

The comedian appeared on Conan recently and went on a rant about how being a dancer is the worst career in the world. “Dancing is really inspiring to watch, but it’s a terrible life choice. It’s the worst available career choice. It’s a massive amount of dedication followed by giving up…there’s like three dance jobs on Planet Earth,” C.K. said jokingly. C.K. followed up his impromptu career advice comedy act by pontificating on musicians. “Don’t be a musician,” he said, pointing to Conan’s house band.

For a little more context and a whole lot of laughs, check out the video below.

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