Montauk Reality Show ‘Summer House’ Premieres in January

Bravo's 'Summer House'
Bravo’s ‘Summer House.’ Screenshot/Bravo

We’re in the golden age of television. Sophisticated, thoughtful television shows like The Affair are the norm on cable and Netflix, with less boundaries and powerful storytelling…which makes Bravo’s Summer House all the more…novel.

Debuting on January 16, Summer House is a reality show that follows a group of nine “friends” who rent a place in Montauk. “I know I need to grow up…starting after Labor Day,” says Kyle, one of the blissfully unironic beautiful twenty-somethings staying in the posh summer home. Look for the nine pals to party, hook up with each other and be everything that Montauk locals despise during the summer. So get ready to know Kyle Cooke, Ashley Wirkus, Lauren Wirkus, Everett Weston, Lindsay Hubbard, Carl Radke, Cristina Gibson, Stephen McGee and Jaclyn Shuman, whether you like it or not. We’re guessing not.

Check out a trailer for Summer House below.

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