Top 10 Alec Baldwin Moments of 2016

Alec Baldwin
Photo: ABC/Justin Jay

Hamptonite Alec Baldwin always seems to be in the headlines, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Over the course of 2016, Baldwin starred in films, made waves on Saturday Night Live, advocated for his community and had a baby. Check out our top 10 Alec Baldwin moments below!

10. Alec Baldwin Stars in ‘Hunger Games’-style Thriller ‘Andron’
We just had to slip this one in. Did anyone even hear about this clunker of a film, which looked like a pale imitation of every post-apocalyptic teen film of the last five years? It just goes to show that nobody has a perfect track record, though we’re sure Baldwin gave it his all.

9. Match Game Hosted by Alec Baldwin Premieres on ABC
Baldwin hosted this reboot of the popular game show on a block of limited time programming that ABC renewed after it was so successful. Baldwin was funny, witty and a great host.

8. Alec Baldwin to Be Keynote Speaker at INBOUND Convention
Though most know him as an actor and TV personality, Baldwin wears many hats and sits on many not-for-profit boards to advocate for causes he believes in. This year, Baldwin gave a keynote speech at the INBOUND Convention, a four-day marketing and sales event at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

7. Alec Baldwin and SNL Call Trump a Christmas Gift to Putin
In his latest SNL cold open as President-elect Donald Trump, Baldwin is joined by Beck Bennett as Vladimir Putin and John Goodman as prospective Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in a piece inspired by the events surrounding the Russian hacks. After Putin brings Trump a bugged Elf on a Shelf as a gift, Trump laments that he doesn’t have a gift to give in return. “Please, Mr. Trump, you are the gift!” Putin responds.

6. Alec Baldwin Wins Critics’ Choice Gong for Trump Skits
Of all his accomplishments in 2016, Baldwin will no doubt be remembered for his side-splitting, hilarious portrayal of Trump on Saturday Night Live. We’re not the only ones who think so—he won the Critics’ Choice gong for his work.

5. Alec Baldwin Takes a Polar Plunge in Wainscott
A true East End local, Baldwin took part in the 17th Annual Polar Bear Plunge in Wainscott to benefit the Phoenix House Academy, a substance abuse treatment center for young men.

4. Alec Baldwin Rallies Against Proposed Pine Barrens Golf Course
On July 20, Baldwin, along with the Southampton Water Protection Alliance, Group for the East End and Pine Barrens Society, spoke out against a proposed golf course that would destroy nearly 600 acres of Pine Barrens land.

3. Trump Blasts Alec Baldwin’s Return to SNL – Again
Trump clearly doesn’t appreciate Baldwin’s impersonation, and has said so on Twitter. Baldwin has responded to Trump’s Twitter rants with biting words of his own, including “Equal time is over. There is no more equal time…”

2. Alec Baldwin Was a Perfect Donald Trump on SNL
Let’s face it – we’d put every single Baldwin/Trump moment on this list if we could. Baldwin deserves every accolade he gets for his SNL character, and we hope he continues to play the role for many years to come.

1. It’s a Boy! Alec and Hilaria Baldwin Welcome Third Child
Forget the movies, television shows and Twitter wars. The best Alec Baldwin moment of 2016 has to be the birth of his third child with wife Hilaria. Leonardo Ángel Charles Baldwin was born on Monday, September 12, 2016. Congratulations again to the Baldwins, and may they have an excellent 2017 and beyond.

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