Illegal Hamptons Igloo Landlord Lands in the Cooler

Hamptons Police stop an illegal igloo rental in Sag Harbor
Hamptons Police stop an illegal igloo rental in Sag Harbor, Photo: Volodymyr Shevchuk, Katarzyna Białasiewicz, snak/123RF

The Hamptons Police descended upon a Sag Harbor home last weekend after getting reports of an inhabited igloo on the premises.

Police confirm that they discovered a large igloo in the backyard of the house, in an upscale neighborhood that they would not disclose, and found that a young couple was apparently spending the weekend in the snow dwelling.

“This was no child’s play igloo,” commented Hamptons Police spokesman Larry Hirsch. “This had a fire pit to warm up the air inside, there was a large-screen TV in there and a fairly comfortable bed.”

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Police questioned the man and woman they found inside the Arctic-style shelter, and learned that they had rented the igloo from the homeowner. Police report that the couple, both of whom are Canadian expatriates, alleged that they learned of the igloo on a popular weekend rental website, and that they had decided to try it out as “a taste of home,” saying that they had paid $1,750 for the experience.

They were surprised to learn that inhabiting an igloo was a violation of the local housing codes. For his part, spokesman Hirsch expressed some surprise at the level of comfort the couple seemed to be enjoying.

“When we found them there, it was about 20° outside, but it was pretty cozy inside the igloo. They were cuddled up in bed, drinking Tim Horton’s coffee and watching Nanook of the North. You got the sense they had done this before. We almost regretted having to evict them from the place.”

Upon questioning, the property owner confessed to building the igloo and offering it up for rent. Police arrested the man, and he was remanded to jail in lieu of bail.

Meanwhile, police were at pains to take numerous evidentiary photographs of the igloo while it stood, as in a very few days it had melted away to nothing.

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