Best of #eastendsnowday Blizzard Pics on Instagram

Waffle the beagle plays in the snow
Waffle the beagle plays in the snow, Photo: #eastendsnowday Instagram submission by @petitedogcare

Early on Thursday in the Hamptons it seemed as if the predicted blizzard was all hype, but as the day progressed, and snow kept falling, and falling, it became quite clear that the storm was as legitimate as they come! It was even clearer when digging out this morning.

To commemorate 2017’s first major snowstorm, we asked our @danspapers Instagram followers to share their photos of the heavy snowfall using the hashtag #eastendsnowday. Below, we share those excellent pics, including lots of backyard buildup, playful pets and even a few artistic interpretations.

Thanks for playing, everyone!

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