Drink a Cup of Coffee in the Hamptons

Coffee beans
Photo: Somsak Sudthangtum/123rf

There are so many fun facts about coffee. For starters, it’s the world’s most widely consumed psychoactive drug—the same classification as cocaine, mescaline and LSD, FYI. Then there’s Honoré de Balzac, who is reported to have drunk 50 cups of the stuff a day! Granted they were the smaller, four or five-ounce European coffees, not the supersized 12-ounce American brews, but that’s still 12 or 13 of those. Long story short, Balzac died of caffeine poisoning. New York City alone has over 8,500 coffee shops, which, per capita, isn’t even in the top 10 nationally. Oh, and March is National Caffeine Awareness Month. Thirsty yet? Here’s a quick round-up of places you can get a piping hot cup of joe, java, morning mud—whatever you like to call it.

North Fork Roasting Company opened just over a year ago in Southold as the North Fork’s first specialty coffee shop and a small batch artisanal coffee roaster—yes, they roast the beans inhouse—and is already a Dan’s Best of the Best Platinum Award winner for their cappuccinos and coffee. Co-founder Jess Dunne says, “We have homemade marshmallows at the shop.” That sensation is your mouth watering. They also serve breakfast and lunch all day using mostly local ingredients. If you need lots of coffee for a big event. NoFoRoCo has you covered. 55795 Route 25, Southold noforoastingco.com

Another fun fact unrelated to coffee: five of the last eight U.S. presidents have been left-handed, despite the fact that southpaws make up only 12% of the population. If that’s not reason enough to drop into Left Hand Coffee in Montauk, what is? Well, maybe because they’re also a Dan’s Best of the Best winner. Come to think of it, there are so many reasons to stop in: damn delicious coffee, tasty pastries, a great atmosphere and they’re only a block away from the beach. Need another reason? They do coffee right left. 83 South Elmwood Avenue 631-238-5434 lefthandcoffee.com

Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee opened its first location as New York’s first organic, Fair Trade, shade-grown coffee. Thirteen years later, there are five city locations and two on the South Fork, in Amagansett and Sag Harbor. And boy is that coffee delicious! Perhaps it’s because of their patented stir brew process. Like grandma used to do with the tomato sauce, the “secret” is that Jack’s stirs the grinds while the coffee is being brewed—hence the name. 146 Montauk Highway Amagansett 631-267-5555; 51 Division Street Sag Harbor 631-808-3420 jacksstirbrew.com

Golden Pear Café has been a staple on the South Fork for 30 years now, with locations in Bridgehampton, East Hampton, Sag Harbor and Southampton. Throughout the years, owner Keith Davis has always stayed true to his original vision: “To provide customers an extraordinary experience every time they visit The Golden Pear.” The relationship between The Golden Pear and its customers is also bolstered by their scrumptious menu items, including its coffee, a Dan’s Best of the Best 2016 Platinum award winner. So get there quick and order a cup. And while you’re there pick up a bottle of Keith’s Nervous Breakdown Margarita Mix—it’s not bad either. goldenpear.com

With locations in Water Mill, Westhampton Beach, Southampton and Aquebogue, Hampton Coffee Company (HCC) has won too many awards to list, including several Dan’s Best of the Bests. New to HCC is their full-service, sit-down café in Water Mill, open Tuesdays through Saturdays until 9 p.m., offering their Authentic Mexican Grill Menu of salads, burgers and more, including local craft beer from Twin Forks Beer Co. and Montauk Brewing Company and Wölffer wines. Yum. hamptoncoffeecompany.com

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