‘Summer House’ Finale: Are Carl and Lauren Meant to Be?

The 'Summer House' cast
The ‘Summer House’ cast. Photo: Eugene Gologursky/Bravo

If you’ve been watching Summer House (don’t feel bad if you haven’t—we tuned out after the first episode), then you know that tonight is the big (“big”) season finale. While reaction to the Hamptons-set reality series has been mixed, especially among East Enders who weren’t exactly thrilled that Montauk was being portrayed in such an immature and sensational light, it’s still fun watching the train wreck unfold.

In the season finale, cleverly titled “Winter Is Coming,” Carl Radke and Lauren Wirkus are enjoying a romantic night when Radke literally up and disappears. Wirkus is stunned, but none of the other housemates seem to be; what is Radke up to, and why does Wirkus seem so surprised?

We’ll let you decide just what is going on for yourselves. Check out the clip below, featuring what appears to be the cast at a white party followed by some casual chatter over pizza. Summer House airs its finale tonight at 10 p.m. on Bravo.

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