10 Questions with Author Ann Brashares

Ann Brashares
Ann Brashares, Photo: Sigrid Estrada, Courtesy Delacorte Press

Bestselling author of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series, Ann Brashares, has a brand new Hamptons-set novel hitting stores April 25.

The Whole Thing Together (cover image at bottom of page) tells the story of Sasha and Ray who have spent their lives summering, separately, at the same Hamptons beach house. When the two finally meet, they are instantly attracted to each other, but Sasha and Ray soon discover the secret reason why they’re so connected—her dad was once married to his mom, but neither would give up the beach house in their divorce.

In an interview coming to DansPapers.com later this week, Brashares discusses The Whole Thing Together and shares her thoughts about the Hamptons, her memories of time spent here, and more. But first—joining such vaunted interviewees as Nicky Hilton, Cesar Millan, Paula Poundstone and Gilbert Gottfried, among others—she was also kind enough to answer our list of 10 Rapid Fire Questions, which we’ve posted below.

1. Last book you read?
The Counterlife by Philip Roth

2. The last thing that took your breath away?
I went with my family to Morocco…and we went on this hike into this Berber village…it was just so staggeringly different from the way we live, and I was moved by it.

3. The last thing that made you cry?
I celebrated a birthday recently and my old nuclear family assembled, including both my parents who—not completely unlike this book that I’ve just written—had a really, horribly bitter divorce that seems never to have settled, even after 40 years. They both came, which is kind of a strange rarity, and all three of my brothers came, and my three big kids were there and I just felt my cup runneth over. At the end of it I had a good, cathartic, happy cry.

4. It’s the eve of your execution… What would be your last meal?
A few pizzas from this place called The Lantern upstate, andI’d  finish it off with chocolate chip cookie dough and sour gummy bears.

5. Something worth fighting for?

6. Something worth giving up?

7. Spend an afternoon with anyone—alive or dead—who would it be?
[Leo] Tolstoy.

8. An interesting object in your home?
My husband’s [Jacob Collins] paintings.

9. Last film you watched?

10. What’s your favorite book you’ve written?
Maybe the second Traveling Pants book. I usually would never say this, but I’m just figuring why not answer… It’s called The Second Summer of the Sisterhood.


"The Whole Thing Together" by Ann Brashares
Courtesy Delacorte Press

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