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Meet the Guys of Kelly Ripa’s ‘Fire Island’

Logo’s new reality series Fire Island debuted with a two-hour premier last night, and it delivered exactly what you’d expect: lots of eye candy and even more ear poison. The show, produced by East Enders Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark Consuelos, is yet another attempt by Logo to capture the trashy “unscripted” drama of the Real Housewives, but with hunky gay men instead. And for the most part, it succeeds in doing just that.

Fire Island’s six guys are all similar in the fact that they’re gorgeous to look at, but obnoxious to listen to. Needless to say, most of them don’t get along well. They whine and yell about dinner tardiness, open relationships, underwear parties and every other minor issue that comes up.

The first guy introduced is Khasan, who has been a backup dancer for pop sensations such as Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry, but he’s now transitioning to teaching choreography. His best friend is Jorge, who used to be a doctor in Venezuela, but is now a NYC marketing strategist. These two are so close, you’d think they’re in a relationship, but Khasan actually has a boyfriend in Los Angeles.

Brandon is the baby of the group. He is a student photographer who’s obsessed with the male body and loves to take pictures of naked men. This passion compliments Instagram model Cheyenne well; both love taking nude photos, but on opposite sides of the camera. However, the chances of romance between these two is slim, because Cheyenne sees himself as more of a wise old mentor to Brandon.

Justin is the “token bear” of Fire Island, much like Mike Ruiz was on Logo’s The A-List: New York. He’s a gentle giant who creates pop-culture artwork and wants his castmates to act like one big, happy family. And finally, there’s Patrick. He’s overly flamboyant, promiscuous, and frequently wears crop tops. Love him or hate him, he’s certainly interesting to watch.

Will the guys learn to play nice and be friends, or will they continue to start fights and throw dramatic fits? Find out on the next episode, which is titled “Not in the Face,” so more fighting is a pretty safe bet. It airs on Thursday May 4 at 8 p.m. on Logo.

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