Dan’s Rosé Soirée Countdown: Chef Bruce Miller, The Halyard

Chef Bruce Miller
Chef Bruce Miller. Photo: Courtesy The Halyard

You can meet Chef Bruce Miller of The Halyard at Sound View/Mas at two of the five Dan’s Taste of Two Forks events this year—Dan’s Rosé Soirée on Memorial Day Weekend (May 28) at the Southampton Arts Center and Dan’s Taste of Two Forks presented by Farrell Building Company (July 22), now in its seventh year, on Mecox Bay.

Miller shares that “for me, it means a lot to support the local vineyards and farms.” He also shared some fun insights with us below:

My favorite dish to pair with a fine rosé is:
Saltine Crusted- Buttermilk Battered Fried Clams

What Long Island wines are currently in your home wine library?
Macro Vineyard’s Merlot Reserve, Shinn Estates Vineyard Coalescense White, Crouteaux Vineyard’s Rose

How old were you when you knew that you’d have a career in food or wine?
I didn’t know I wanted to cook until I was a about 22. When I started I felt I was really comfortable in the kitchen. Come dinner service the whole rush and intensity is what drove me to love it some much.

Would you agree that chefs and farmers have a lot in common in that both are a little crazy and overworked?
I think so, certainly because there is a tremendous amount of work involved in keeping both a restaurant or a farm running. It requires a little passion to get through the tough days.

What crop could local farmers grow that you would be excited to use?

If I got a tattoo tomorrow it would depict:
I would most likely get some sort of Big Fish on me.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever eaten?
I love beignets from Cafe Du Monde.

What do you have in your kitchen that would make another food pro jealous?
My personal Sous Vide machine

What local ingredients will you be using in the high summer season?
Clams, Oysters, Bluefish, Black Bass, Porgys, Whiting, Squid, Corn, tomatoes, squash, eggplant, blueberries, peaches… as many as I can!

I could create a fine meal with just these five ingredients:
Chicken, Blueberries, Potatoes, Spinach and Cherry Tomatoes

What are you most looking forward to about being a part of Dan’s Rosé Soirée?
Getting to meet some of the great people out on the East End.

Find the latest info on all of Dan’s Taste of Summer events this summer—Dan’s Rosé Soirée, the official kickoff event of summer in the Hamptons on Memorial Day Weekend (May 28); the new Dan’s Corona MonTaco presented by Don Julio, a Mexican-themed fiesta at Gurney’s Montauk on July 7; Dan’s ClambakeMTK at Gurney’s Montauk, back for its second summer on July 8; Dan’s GrillHampton (July 21), celebrating its 5th anniversary; and Dan’s Taste of Two Forks presented by Farrell Building Company (July 22), now in its 7th year—at DansTaste.com.

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