Hamptons Rich Guy Toy #1903: Kitty Hawk Flyer

Kitty Hawk Flyer in action
Kitty Hawk Flyer in action

As seen in the recently released video for the Kitty Hawk Flyer, this new personal aircraft could be the latest answer to getting across Hook Pond, Georgica Pond or Lake Montauk in time for your neighbor’s very Hamptons clambake or barbecue.

Revealed late last month and designed much like a giant version of those drones we all use to film beautiful aerial footage along the Montauk bluffs, this 100 percent electric, eight-rotor, vertical take off and landing (VTOL) craft perches its driver atop two pontoons, making it easy to liftoff and land on the water. It’s also easy to learn and, as an ultralight vehicle under Part 103 of the FAA regulations, it doesn’t require a pilot’s license!

Unfortunately, it’s only approved for use over fresh water at this time, but it doesn’t require water to fly—like trendy, albeit super cool, hydroflight vehicles, such as flyboards and water jetpacks—so the Kitty Hawk Flyer may yet have a future over land.

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As of now the Kitty Hawk Corporation—backed by Google’s Larry Page (CEO of parent company Alphabet) and led by Aerovelo cofounders Todd Reichert and Cameron Robertson—hasn’t announced a price for the Flyer, but they’re offering a three-year membership that will give people priority placement on the Kitty Hawk Flyer customer wait list and a $2,000 discount off the retail price, which will be announced when the product is officially launched at the end of this year (2017). Members will also get early access to all Kitty Hawk Flyer news and product updates before the general public, as well as members-only Kitty Hawk gear.

For now, wealthy Hamptonites can fantasize about impressing friends and rivals with their grand Kitty Hawk Flyer entrance. They should also note that the final product will differ from what’s on view in the video.  We can only assume it will look a lot slicker, but one never really knows.

Learn more about the Kitty Hawk Flyer and become a member at kittyhawk.aero.


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