Jon Stewart Joins Daily Show Reunion on Colbert’s Late Night

The Daily Show reunion on Late Night with Stephen Colbert
The Daily Show reunion on Late Night with Stephen Colbert, Photo: Scott Kowalchyk/CBS ©2017CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved

Longtime fans of The Daily Show enjoyed an all-star treat on Tuesday when North Haven homeowner Jon Stewart and his former team from the Comedy Central’s original fake news show reunited on Late Night with Stephen Colbert. But before getting the whole band back together, Stewart and Stephen Colbert—who started on The Daily Show before launching his own news satire show, The Colbert Report, in the following time slot—discussed the breaking news that Donald Trump had just fired FBI Director James Comey, who was in charge of investigating the President’s ties to Russia.

After some riffing about the audience reaction to the Comey news, Colbert asked Stewart, who now lives in New Jersey and runs a farm, if he misses covering the news. “You used to talk about bull_hit—now you literally shovel it…is tonight a night where you’re like, ahh, I want to get in there?” the host asked.

“There are nights where I find myself sort of impotently shouting into the abyss,” Stewart replied, “which, if you think about it, wasn’t that different from what I did on a nightly basis.” More seriously, Stewart added, “I miss—the process of making the show somehow became entwined with my process of making sense of things that I didn’t understand, and the two sort of merged at some level, so I miss that, and I miss the people, like you and all the great people that were around it.” He also noted that it was nice to be celebrated as he was by audiences. “In life, very few people applaud you.”

That said, Stewart pointed out that he’s very happy with life today. “The things I’ve gained in terms of time spent with family and things like that, I wouldn’t give up.”

Speaking of The Daily Show people Stewart misses, he and Colbert were later joined by the show’s most popular former correspondents, including Ed Helms (The Office, The Hangover), John Oliver (Last Week Tonight with John Oliver), Samantha Bee (Full Frontal with Samantha Bee) and Rob Corddry (Ballers, Hot Tub Time Machine). The group sat down to reminisce about the show, auditions and favorite moments. Unfortunately, Steve Carrell wasn’t available. See their talk below.

Before the old gang showed up for interviews, Colbert showed a flashback sequence about his last day at The Daily Show starring all the former correspondents and Stewart. Take a look below.

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