Leaf Blower Limitations Cause Concern in Sag Harbor

Leaf Blower Army
Leaf blower limitations are clearly not needed, Photo: Adam Szuly/123RF

A new rule proposed by Hamptons officials regarding leaf blowers is causing concern among some Hamptons homeowners. The rule states that no more than 40 leaf blowers can operate on one acre of property at any given time, with the number of leaf blowers allowable pro-rated to the size of the property.

At a recent meeting called to discuss the rule, officials got a lot of blowback.

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“It’s just ridiculous,” shouted one irate man who owns a summerhouse in Sag Harbor. “I have a crew of 54 guys that do my lawn twice a week—and I don’t even have half an acre. Does that mean I can only have 20 guys blowing leaves at one time? It’s outrageous!”

A Bridgehampton estate owner was similarly vexed, but for a different reason. “Part of my quality of life derives from being able to look out of any of my windows at any time and see at least four guys blowing debris from my yard—for me, it’s a psychological need.”

The officials tabled the leaf blower rule for more discussion.

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