Naomi Watts Appears in Two Films This Weekend

Naomi Watts

It’s an exciting time for Montauk homeowner Naomi Watts, who has two movies debuting in theaters this weekend.

The first, 3 Generations, has gotten a lot of buzz due to controversy over its initial MPAA rating. The film, which stars costars Elle Fanning and East Ender Susan Sarandon, tells the story of Ray (Fanning), a transgender boy who comes out to his family and wants hormone replacement therapy. His mother, played by Watts, has to track down his father to get his legal consent for Ray’s transition. Meanwhile, Ray’s lesbian grandmother (Sarandon), has a hard time accepting that she has a grandson. The three confront their own identities and work to come together as a family. 3 Generations was originally given an R rating, despite not having content inappropriate for a PG-13 label. The Weinstein Company ultimately worked with MPAA to make tiny changes to the film to ensure a rating that would enable more people to see it.

Watts’ other film, Chuck, tells the story of real-life boxer Chuck Wepner, played in the film by Watts’ ex and fellow Hamptonite Liev Schreiber. Wepner would eventually be the inspiration for Rocky Balboa, and the film chronicles his life before and after a fateful bout with Muhammad Ali in the ring. Watts plays Linda, Wepner’s third wife. The film also stars Ron Perlman, Elisabeth Moss and Jim Gaffigan.

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