‘Twin Peaks’ Featuring Naomi Watts Debuts This Weekend

Naomi Watts

David Lynch and Mark Frost’s continuation of the beloved Twin Peaks premieres on Showtime this Sunday, May 21 at 9 p.m. While much of the 18-part limited series is shrouded in deliberate mystery and secrecy, we know that it will star many of the original show’s actors, as well as many other “Lynchian” faces, like East Ender Naomi Watts (Watts turned in a staggering performance in Lynch’s masterful Mulholland Drive).

Twin Peaks originally premiered 26 years ago on ABC. Starring Kyle MacLachlan as FBI Agent Dale Cooper, Twin Peaks followed the goings-on of a small town rocked by the murder of prom queen Laura Palmer (played by Sheryl Lee). Agent Cooper, who believes Laura’s murder is connected to a murder that happened in another town a year earlier, gets to know the quirky and bizarre citizens of Twin Peaks, and discovers that the town may be under the influence of supernatural forces. As he slowly uncovers the dark underbelly of the town—and the many secrets Laura was keeping—Cooper gets closer and closer to the truth.

Of course, viewers will remember that the resolution to the “Who killed Laura Palmer” mystery ended up being a bit underwhelming, as her father, Leland (played by Ray Wise) was revealed to be the killer—he was possessed by an entity named Bob. After a lackluster second season, the show was canceled by ABC.

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There’s no word on who Watts will be playing in this anticipated new show, and very little has been revealed about the plot. Lynch has said that the maligned prequel movie Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me is important to following the new series. Whatever the no-doubt kooky storyline is, we’re excited for its big debut on Sunday night.

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