Bravo’s ‘Summer House’ Season 2 Is Underway

"Summer House" cast
“Summer House” cast, Photo: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

The Bravo network knows a good thing when they see it. Their series Summer House, filmed in Napeague last summer, was so well received by TV watchers around the country that Bravo decided to do it again this year. So they applied for a permit from East Hampton town to let them film in the same place they had rented last year—a big house in Napeague.

On May 10, just two weeks before Memorial Day, the Town said no. Many locals were clearly against it, claiming the music was too loud, the filming went on at all hours. The show looked like it was a nonstop party of sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll (or hip hop) with very little respect for the neighborhood. And this was not an image of Montauk that the self-respecting fathers and mothers of that town wanted to project. There were ordinances the show producers had violated, according to the Town. They were nine unrelated single people in a rental—too many—they were operating a business in a residential zone, filming the show.

So now, Bravo has chosen another neighborhood, one that is in the Town of Southampton, which is perhaps more liberal than buttoned-up East Hampton. There, at 1451 Deerfield Road, if this gets approved, they can cavort in eight bedrooms, eight and a half baths, a heated pool, hot tub, tennis court, pool table, balcony, a three-car garage and an entertainment center all on a five-acre property.

At press time, filming was reportedly set to begin [today] June 21 and continue through September 5, with 36 filming days, including 11 at night, attended by a crew and cast of 36 people. Interestingly, Summer House sounds and looks like a whole lot of fun, but in fact, as it loosely follows a script, I believe, it’s actually work.

One week ago, the Town of Southampton approved the application.

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