Brooklyn Buttery Brings Artisanal Butter to the Hamptons

Josh Green (right) with Brooklyn Buttery staff.
Josh Green (right) with Brooklyn Buttery staff. Photo: Michael Green

Brooklyn Buttery is bringing some Brooklyn flair to the Hamptons this summer in the form of its artisanal butter.

The new butter company is looking to expose your palate to tastes you never thought possible.

Its founders, Josh Green, Ari Freedman and Zach Troyetsky are three millennials from the New York City area with an insatiable desire to make a great tasting product. As a team, they hope to capture the essence of Brooklyn trendiness through their artisanal butter.

“Brooklyn Buttery is a labor of love,” Green says. “We’re using a product that’s been produced for thousands of years and we’re adding a 21st century twist to it. We’re adding different ingredients to butter people have not in the past.”

It doesn’t matter if you have a sweet tooth or like it hot, Brooklyn Buttery has something for everyone. The chocolate agave and cinnamon honey butters are sure to satisfy your taste buds. If you want something that will make your mouth water, the smoked and Southwest chipotle lime flavors are the perfect fit. Feel like you can handle extra heat? Well, Dragon’s Breath, the sriracha flavored butter, adds the perfect amount of spice.

“We’re really trying to modernize butter in ways that different dairy products have been, especially ice cream,” Green says. “We’re trying to give people different options. It’s butter you can feel good about.”

Even the traditional salted butter stands out; it’s made with salt from the Amagansett Sea Salt Company.

brooklyn buttery
Photo: Josh Green

In fact, Brooklyn Buttery is truly a New York brand, as its salt and cream are locally sourced from New York State and all the butter is made in Brooklyn.

With unique flavors and a commitment to ethically sourced ingredients, Brooklyn Buttery is aiming to carve out its niche as the Ben & Jerry’s of butter.

As Brooklyn Buttery looks to build its brand in the Big Apple, it begs the question, why come to the Hamptons?

The product is “very suitable to the Hamptons market in that people are cooking and having guests over and like to have interesting food products,” Green says.

Brooklyn Buttery sells its creamy goodness at the Hayground School Farmers Market in Bridgehampton on Friday afternoons and at the Springs Farmers Market at Ashawagh Hall on Saturday mornings.

You can also satisfy your butter craving at the new East Hampton Evening Farmers Market, which runs every Thursday from 5-8 p.m. this summer at Calvary Baptist Church on Spinner Lane in East Hampton.

Brooklyn Buttery is one of many artisan vendors that will be at the new night market. Adam Kelison, owner of Around the Fire catering, which specializes in wood-fired cuisine and pizza, is the force behind the evening market.

Kelison says the new night market gives people who can’t make other markets during the day or weekend a chance to participate, making it more favorable to locals.

Kelison also says the market is designed to focus more on artisans and artists. “The difference in vendors is that it’s much more of a cross-section of artisans and crafts people. I’m trying to make it more artisan, I want to have arts and artist co-op tents there.”

The new evening market is another place for community members to gather and celebrate the summer season with local specialties.

“We want to create a strong community event that represents the diverse culture of the community in having a diverse number of vendors,” Kelison says.

After a successful first outing last week, Green only expects the market to grow as more Hamptonites become familiar with it.

“The first market was great,” Green says. “We met a lot of great people and we sold well.”

You can spread the love this summer with flavored artisanal butter from Brooklyn Buttery,

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