Gwyneth Paltrow Drops Shocking Revelation on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth Paltrow, Photo: buzzfuss/123RF

“I don’t know what the f–k we talk about.”

East Ender Gwyneth Paltrow recently appeared on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about her new vitamin line, and admitted to not always being in the know about certain topics her site Goop talks about.

“One of the things we like to do on Goop is find what the alternative world says about feeling good in the modern-day world,” Paltrow explained. “So, earthing—I don’t actually know that much about earthing. It came out of me not knowing anything about earthing but hearing about it. They say we lost touch with sort of being barefoot in the earth, and there’s some sort of electromagnetic thing that we’re missing. It’s good to take your shoes off in the grass.” Playing off Kimmel’s skeptical look, Paltrow joked, “I don’t know what the f–k we talk about.”

Paltrow’s segment was filled with jokes and laughs from the beginning, starting when the star popped up from behind the couch, rather than entering from offstage to the usual fanfare. She told Kimmel, “I was rushing around my house and I was trying to pack my son for a fifth grade retreat, and I collided with the sofa.” While Paltrow broke her foot in the incident, she shrugged it off—she’s broken her toes around 10 times!

“Maybe you’re drinking too much?” Kimmel offered.

“Oh, definitely!” Paltrow joked.

Watch a clip from Paltrow’s wacky Jimmy Kimmel visit below.

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