Madonna Hints at Authorized Film About Her Life


Page Six reports that East Ender Madonna may be working on a movie based on her life, if her Instagram account is to be believed. She wrote, “A Woman’s work is never done!! 6 kids and many jobs = ratchet hair prepping my film not just whistling dixie!”

It’s not currently known if she is serious or just making a joke, but it wouldn’t surprise us one bit if the Queen of Pop was working on a biopic. A few months ago, Madonna lashed out via social media when she got word that there was an unauthorized film about her career being produced by Brett Ratner and Michael De Luca. “My Life … My Journey … My Voice … My Story … Let Me tell it. When Im ready! It Will Be Worth the Wait! Thank You,” she wrote.

Madonna also posted a picture (which has since been deleted) of a copy of the script she obtained, angered that the film had gotten basic details incorrect, such as where she was born. While the film script read, “I was born in Detroit, and I’m a famed high school dropout,” Madonna pointed out that she was actually born in Bay City. “And I did not drop out of high school in fact I went to University Of Michigan,” she wrote. “Why would Universal Studios want to make a movie about me based on a script that is all lies?? The Writer Elyse Hollander should write for the Tabloids. Anyone who supports the film is supporting lies and exploitation. Lies have no legs!!”

We’re not sure if the legendary star has since warmed to the idea of the film, but we’d much rather see a picture that has her real story.

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