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Man Bun Checkpoints Cause Traffic Hassles in the Hamptons

The stepping-up of enforcement against man buns by the Hamptons Police has led to what police are calling “unfortunate but necessary delays” on major traffic arteries leading into the Hamptons, as police use strategically placed highway checkpoints to stop cars and inspect male occupants for the forbidden hairstyle.

As reported recently, the Hamptons Police Fashion Division made the decision to adopt a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to the wearing and display of man buns. According to their statutory definition, the term “man bun” refers to any men’s hairstyle that features “long hair drawn together and maintained in a bun shape using any type of fastener, e.g. barrette, scrunchie, elastic band, etc.”

While the statute forbidding this men’s hairstyle in the Hamptons has been on the books for over a decade, until now the police have been relatively lax when it comes to enforcement. But with the zero-tolerance policy, officers are now forcibly removing man buns wherever and whenever they are observed.

According to Hamptons Police spokesman Larry Hirsch, the traffic checkpoints are a crucial part of the effort to stop men wearing man buns from entering the area, and are also important for educating visitors. “Who knows—some guy with a man bun could be driving in from Vermont and could be unaware of our policies out here,” Hirsch says. “At our checkpoint we stop him and undo the offending hairstyle, and we make sure he’s fully briefed on our rules regarding said hairstyle.”

As far as the checkpoints exacerbating an already difficult traffic situation, Hirsch was unapologetic. “There are certain prices we pay for our health and happiness. Get over it.”

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