Dan’s Shorts: Elon Musk Is Afraid of Robots, Amazon Trains Them

Dan's Shorts cartoon by Mickey Paraskevas
Cartoon by Mickey Paraskevas


Elon Musk, who might be the smartest man in America, has issued a statement that the greatest thing he fears for the future is robots. His statement, he says, is a call to alarm.

Maybe when armies of robots come down the street killing people, he said, we will do something about it.

Others have expressed concern about the increasing intelligence of robots. I once read a book by science fiction writer Isaac Asimov about a future world where all robots—many of whom looked like humans—were, by government decree, only allowed to be built with a chip programmed to prevent them from killing, or even harming, a human. They could kill other robots if those other robots had figured out how to compromise that chip.

I recall that in this book there was this enormous, top secret, highly guarded factory where these chips were made that had to go into robots.

It was an interesting plot.


A robot at Amazon has been trained to pick up items and place them in boxes, according to a recent article in Wired magazine. I personally have not done this sort of thing, but I have a dog that does. On his behalf, I have been authorized to challenge the Amazon robot to a competition.

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