David Spade Rides Terrifying Helicopter to Visit Howard Stern in Hamptons

David Spade on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
David Spade on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Photo: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

On a recent Tonight Show appearance on July 28, comedian David Spade told Sagaponack’s Jimmy Fallon about his frightening helicopter trip to visit Howard and Beth Stern in the Hamptons.

“I went to your precious Hamptons this weekend,” Spade told Fallon, explaining that he and his 8-year-old daughter, Harper, took an early flight in a “rickety,” M*A*S*H-era helicopter in order to make it to the Sterns’ oceanfront home in Southampton, where they could visit with Beth’s cats. “Howard Stern’s wife adopts cats, and is very good with cats, and helps them,” Spade said, “So she has them out there, and I brought my daughter out there.”

Spade quipped, “I usually take the Space Shuttle out there,” but he went for the not-so-new helicopter instead. “It was one of these rickety old ones from M*A*S*H,” he recalled, building the drama. Already nervous, Spade said he became truly scared when they asked his weight—down to within one pound. “It’s an old jalopy,” the comedian added, noting that the pilot took a couple tries to get the ‘copter started, joking, “She’s got one left in her.” Then, once they were airborne, the pilot had to land and shut off a mysterious beeping sound.

“I say we go for it,” the pilot suggested after they were back in the air and the beeping had ceased, with no real explanation of what it was. No word on whether the M*A*S*H helicopter pilot was Water Mill’s Alan Alda.

Following a bit more drama in the helicopter, Spade arrived safely in the Hamptons. He didn’t get a chance to see Fallon while he was in town, but there’s always next time. “I want to take a canoe over and see you some time,” Spade said to Fallon. “So let’s do it.”

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