Hamptons Real Estate By the Numbers: July/August 2017

Hamptons Real Estate By the Numbers July/August 2017
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Our sister site and monthly magazine, Behind the Hedges (BehindtheHedges.com), offers an index of Hamptons real estate by the numbers for July/August 2017. Read these tidbits and factoids, and feel satisfied knowing a little bit more than most about East End properties, history and more. Or, store them deep in your brain now and impress friends and colleagues at cocktail parties later.

Price paid by New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft for four days’ stay in Water Mill: $90,000

Guaranteed annual salary of New England Patriots tight end Jacob Hollister: $90,000

Barrels of whale oil brought back to Sag Harbor in all of 1837: 31,784

Barrels in daily production of oil in horizontal fracked wells with proppant, 2017: 30,000

Capital of joint stock company of first Southampton colonists: 6,000 pounds sterling

Cost of each share in Olde Towne settlement: 150 pounds

A colonist who paid 50 pounds could draw One third of a lot, known as a Fifty

Size of home lot in Olde Towne settlement: 3 acres

Price paid in 2006 for 50-acre farm now being developed as Olde Towne: $33.5 million

Asking price, “Twin Peaks” in Olde Towne: $39.5 million

Asking price, “Summer House” in Olde Towne: $34.9 million

Price of wiener schnitzel, Zum Schneider, Montauk’s Bavarian restaurant: $25

Price of wiener schnitzel, Hamptons Grill + Bar, Munich: €17.80 (about $20)

Asking price for Zum Schneider, on the market in Montauk: $4.1 million

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